Leaving Church #5: Non-transparent use of money

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In some churches, pastors seem to constantly talk about money.  Sometimes, we pastors can over-spiritualize tithing.  We don’t want to talk about giving money to the church so we prefer talking about giving to God, and to the work of God’s kingdom.  Personally, I think I’d be embarrassed if I had to publicly announce that their tithes were partly going to pay for my pastor’s salary.  Don’t get me wrong, I am not even talking about unfaithful stewardship or misuse of church funds. I do believe in tithing. As a family, we do try to tithe as best we can.  I believe 100% in doing the work of God’s kingdom and fulfilling God’s mission on earth to the best of our abilities.

In the past, I have personally become dissatisfied about how some churches continually talk about the importance of tithing–and it conveniently happens just prior to offering time.  They continually stress the idea of bringing up to God’s storehouse (from Malachi), and that the bible shows  how tithes and offerings have a direct correlation to God’s blessings on your life.  I would assert that there’s an indirect correlation.  Anyways , the time some spend talking about this just prior to offering time is almost the same length of a full-length sermon of some churches.  When does our over-spiritualizing of tithing reach the point of spiritual abuse? When doubts arise, some will begin asking questions:

Is the money really being used for the work of God’s mission in God’s kingdom?  Or is a part of it being used to build their own kingdom, or used for their own personal benefit?  Where is my hard-earned money really going to?

I ask this question because I have wondered about this myself.  If people don’t have answers when doubt and questions arise (and they will), they will feel disillusioned, and eventually leave. Why not?  I did.  Why is it that some churches expect their people to give while assuming they are also gullible? Are we parishioners that gullible?