Leaving Twitter

As most of you know, Trump recently got banned by Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc. It makes me wonder if my mention of “Trump” here on this post will get me banned any where else on the internet. This fear is common to millions of us and it’s an indication of the environment we are living in today. There is a spirit or feeling that authoritarianism is on the rise in our world today. It sparks feelings of fear. This has been fueled by the globalist elite who are using the left-wing, mainstream media and big tech to help do their bidding. They financially support Antifa to conduct violence on the streets and help fuel the fear they have created.

A few days ago, I cancelled my Twitter account. You know, I really don’t care about Twitter anymore. I’ve lost any love and respect I had for Twitter. They have abandoned free speech and freedom of thought. This world can live without Twitter as far as I’m concerned. I’m now considering cancelling my Facebook account as well. I am not a ‘zucker’. I am also considering dumping Gmail and will slowly work toward the goal of being free from Google’s manipulation of my personal and private data. I am sick of big tech taking advantage of my personal information and selling to enrich their greedy pockets. If you’re thinking of doing the same, I encourage you to do leave Facebook, Twitter and Google.

It is my hope and prayer that God will raise up a generation of new and young leaders who care of truth and freedom of conscience. You who are young and are growing up in this technological age, may God use you to build up an infrastructure that will be used to promote truth and honesty.