Media and global elites covering up election fraud

Something strange is happening. Yes indeed. Election fraud has been ignored by the left-wing media. Their refusal to acknowledge the evidence in plain sight is enough evidence of their corruption and manipulation. Smells eerily similar to the state-owned media in countries like Communist China. Hearing of their fake reports on the radio and TV that corruption did not happen is enough evidence for me that the media truly is being controlled. Their claims of lack of any evidence of election fraud are complete lies and utter non-sense. They are lying and this is painful for millions in America.

The left-wing media mob have self-identified themselves as “fake news” because they have been faking the news and claiming what they espouse as “news”. Millions of discerning minds and hearts already knew this–even before Trump came on the scene and labelled them as “fake news”. They have been fake news for decades. We see through their lies.

Previously, the world had looked upon America as a land of freedom and where rule-of-law and free elections are upheld. Today, they are witnessing the corruption in American elections and wondering what the heck has happened to this free country.

I suspect the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) in China may have had something to do with the election fraud. Yes, the CCP. The Communist party has bought out the Bidens and has given father and son millions to have access to manipulate election and fill their pockets with billions through backroom deals. It’s not only about Russia. It’s really more about Biden’s collusion with China. The Bidens have made millions from colluding with the CCP in China for years.

National unity is beginning to unravel. It has been fueled by the left-wing mainstream media who are playing into the hands of the globalist elite. The mainstream media is not any different from the state-owned centralized media in communist China. They say what they are told to say and dare not go off script. It is all scripted and forced by the editors who were hand-picked to sit in their editors chairs.

These globalists are also after our children in the public school system and university classrooms. They want to mold the minds of the future generations so that they can control them. They are trying to brain-wash them as early as possible. This was exactly how Communist China did it to generations of children in the 1940s-1950s. Get them indoctrinated into socialism while they are young. It solidifies their power and ability to control the masses. How do I know? Read this post here.

Let us pray that God’s will may arise from this chaos. The sovereign God is somehow in control, even in this chaos. Remain faithful in prayer and trust that God will somehow and one day deal with the injustices and corruption of the left and globalist elites. We must continue to do what is right and not fall into the temptation of dishonesty ourselves. Stay vigilant. Fight the good fight. In the end, truth will win.

The Mushy Middle series: on culture

… a series of posts on politics, church life, culture, theology-discipleship, and ministry

It seems that it’s not only the mushy middle in politics and church life that are being pushed out, but also the mushy middle in culture.  Our culture in the western world was satisfied with the way they receive news in the form of newspaper and television media.  They took in whatever the television news media dished out as unbiased news. Young people of post-moderns do not buy this today.  All news are biased.  Younger generations want their news personalized to suit their taste and interests.  With the news media of iPods, smart phones and Internet, they are able to receive exactly the type of news they want. They can filter out news they are not interested in watching or reading.  When I read news today, I rarely read from a physical newspaper.  I either get my news from the Internet or have it sent to me via email.  I go directly to the category of news I want to read or watch, e.g., world, technology, health, etc.

When young people shop, they rarely go to big department stores to buy all their items. Department stores tried to cater to everyone’s needs. This was wishy-washy and is the mushy middle.  It is not sexy, and is no longer the way to shop.  Department stores are increasingly in danger of shutting down.  Young people prefer to shop at specialized stores that only offer blue jeans, cell phones, women’s or baby clothing, sporting equipment, running shoes (not everything). Big department stores are even attempting to divide their floor space into specialized sections so that they look similar to small specialty stores.  My point in this post is this.  The mushy middle in culture also seems to be in the process of being pushed out.  Today’s youth and post-modern culture want to receive whatever they consume in specialized formats.