Justin Trudeau embroiled in illegal affair

In Canada, the Trudeau—SNC Lavalin affair could soon have Prime Minister Justin Trudeau in very big trouble. There are real facts being revealed. The former Attorney General (A-G), Jody Wilson-Raybould, revealed Trudeau’s manipulation.

Trudeau tried to force the Attorney-General to intervene in order to get a Quebec company out of legal trouble. He broke the rules of political non-interference. Using an A-G to get the company out of trouble was illegal. Trudeau’s illegal action can be qualified as obstruction of justice.

Could Canada see its Prime Minister go to jail? There have been previous cases where people were convicted of crimes with less evidence than what has been presented here.

What we know for sure is that someone committed something wrong. There are many other actions that give evidence that someone did something wrong. There will no doubt be more evidence rising from other witnesses before the justice committee. There will also be a police investigation (likely by the RCMP).

Wilson-Raybould (A-G) testified before the House of Commons justice committee of being hounded and pressured to do what he wanted. There were veiled threats by the Prime Minister. No wonder she was removed from her portfolio as Attorney-General by Trudeau. Her cabinet removal from Attorney-General was undoubtedly politically motivated in order to muzzle her and punish her for not “playing the game”. Good on her. She stood firm and did the right thing.

Liberal Administration also tried to muzzle her (and others) from testifying in the justice committee. The opposition Conservatives and the Canadian public said “No way!”. They got their way. The former A-G did get the opportunity to tell her side of the story and hopefully will speak more. We need to know more of the facts from others too. Gerald Butts, Trudeau’s former right-hand man in government, resigned last week for a good reason. He knew there was trouble brewing ahead. He might also be found guilty of something—hence his resignation.

The Quebec engineering company, SNC-Lavalin, was stuck in a federal corruption case. Trudeau’s government is giving the excuse that it was about saving jobs. That’s hog wash and I think every Canadian knows it. Nullifying an illegal act and giving the excuse that it wants to protect Canadian jobs? An Illegal action is still an illegal action. A crime is still a crime. The people want the truth and confession.

This case is a smoking-gun and will definitely be in the news for a while. It’s not going away until the case is solved. I think this will definitely influence the future federal elections in Canada. I would not be surprised if the Trudeau Liberals get elected out of government, or be forced to leave office before the next election.

The federal Liberals got elected into government because people wanted change, honesty and transparency. Well, it looks like they didn’t get it from Trudeau (read story here from: BBC News and Globe & Mail).

Analysis of yesterday’s Canadian election

More analysis on this election: Prime Minister Stephen Harper and the Conservative members of parliament have to be happy with forming a stable, national, majority Conservative government.  One important thing about this 2011 election was the fact that the Canadian people have decided to prevent the other opposition parties from forming a coalition government.  Michael Ignatieff (Liberal) and Jack Layton (NDP) smelled “blood” and wanted to pull down the Conservative government, then together, were hoping to  form a coalition government. Our public’s intuition tells us that they were power-hungry but they denied it.  However, it was clear that forming a coalition government was the opposition parties’ true motivation in their non-confidence vote, which triggered this fourth election in seven years. The results of our election in 2011 shows that Canadians did not want another election.  Layton and Ignatieff miscalculated.  This election will go down in history as a waste of our public’s taxpayers dollar–thanks to the NDP, Liberals and the Bloc; but also thanks to them, we now have a “stable, national, majority Conservative government”.

Well, it seems that Layton and his NDP members of parliament are delighted anyway in becoming the Her Majesty’s Loyal Opposition.  Now is his chance. I know that he will be tough because he is a very sharp and harsh with his words.  You can also bet he will be very free and willing to fling mud mixed with untruthfulness across the aisle. That’s his low-ball style.  But Prime Minister Stephen Harper, the class guy that he is,  can also be tough when he wants to be.

Along with Ignatieff (Liberal leader), Gilles Duceppe (leader of Bloc Quebecois which has now lost official party status) will also be stepping down from their respective party’s leadership.  Both parties were defeated in decisive way, and even embarassed by their respective party’s dismal results.

Again, congratulations to the Conservatives and Prime Minister Harper.  I hope his majority government will stay focused and carry what the Canadian people elected him to do.