A need to investigate the anomolies in election

The corrupt mainstream media, the deep state, and the election system are causing millions of Americans to lose trust in the system. This is bigger than Trump, bigger than the Democratic and Republican parties. It is about the republic.

The democratic republic is falling apart. If the justice system does not intervene, it may spell the end of a free America. Is it too late? I do not think so. The reputation and trust in the justice system is on the line today. There is hope yet, but the Supreme Court justices must act NOW. Otherwise, public trust in the justice system will be zero and beyond repair.

Why is the mainstream media not investigating the anomalies in the sudden change in numbers that occurred over night? They did not stop counting, shut out observers, and acted in secrecy. They also used the corrupt Dominion counters that were used to corrupt fraudulent elections in other countries. These same Dominion counters were used in the swing states. These machines were hacked. This is extreme fraud to the hilt. It is VERY interesting the Dominion head offices in Colorado and Toronto recently shut down; and website information on their heads disappeared from the website. Why? Fear of investigation.

There is also deep political influence from members of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). The CCP and the deep state are intertwined in this 2020 election. Fraud is now widely known, and is undoubtedly at the center of this election. There is China-collusion between the Democratic Party, the deep state, and the CCP. Americans need to wake up. China is on a strong path toward global hegemony using “unrestricted warfare.”

The mainstream media is being controlled by influencers because it wants puppets in place. Puppets will open back doors to allow webs of control to gain a pathway into the American mind and structure (i.e., political, social and economic structures). The American republic and other free nation-states are in danger of being hegemonized by a globalist deep-state.

The deep state would like you to believe that Trump is racist, a liar, and anti this-and-that. But the alternative will become a global hegemony, where rule of law will not exist. The alternative will be the rule of the state, and true freedom will be greatly diminished. Globalists will become the rulers and become enriched through corrupt business practices. If allowed to continue, ordinary Americans will become extremely disappointed they even considered voting for the Democrats and realize that this election was more than about Donald Trump vs Biden. Americans will eventually realize it was about upholding the great American republic and the freedoms and liberties it has held dear for over two centuries.

[Update: I did not remove this video below. I think it was removed by YouTube. Censorship by mainstream media is now being done right in front of our eyes. ]

Media and global elites covering up election fraud

Something strange is happening. Yes indeed. Election fraud has been ignored by the left-wing media. Their refusal to acknowledge the evidence in plain sight is enough evidence of their corruption and manipulation. Smells eerily similar to the state-owned media in countries like Communist China. Hearing of their fake reports on the radio and TV that corruption did not happen is enough evidence for me that the media truly is being controlled. Their claims of lack of any evidence of election fraud are complete lies and utter non-sense. They are lying and this is painful for millions in America.

The left-wing media mob have self-identified themselves as “fake news” because they have been faking the news and claiming what they espouse as “news”. Millions of discerning minds and hearts already knew this–even before Trump came on the scene and labelled them as “fake news”. They have been fake news for decades. We see through their lies.

Previously, the world had looked upon America as a land of freedom and where rule-of-law and free elections are upheld. Today, they are witnessing the corruption in American elections and wondering what the heck has happened to this free country.

I suspect the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) in China may have had something to do with the election fraud. Yes, the CCP. The Communist party has bought out the Bidens and has given father and son millions to have access to manipulate election and fill their pockets with billions through backroom deals. It’s not only about Russia. It’s really more about Biden’s collusion with China. The Bidens have made millions from colluding with the CCP in China for years.

National unity is beginning to unravel. It has been fueled by the left-wing mainstream media who are playing into the hands of the globalist elite. The mainstream media is not any different from the state-owned centralized media in communist China. They say what they are told to say and dare not go off script. It is all scripted and forced by the editors who were hand-picked to sit in their editors chairs.

These globalists are also after our children in the public school system and university classrooms. They want to mold the minds of the future generations so that they can control them. They are trying to brain-wash them as early as possible. This was exactly how Communist China did it to generations of children in the 1940s-1950s. Get them indoctrinated into socialism while they are young. It solidifies their power and ability to control the masses. How do I know? Read this post here.

Let us pray that God’s will may arise from this chaos. The sovereign God is somehow in control, even in this chaos. Remain faithful in prayer and trust that God will somehow and one day deal with the injustices and corruption of the left and globalist elites. We must continue to do what is right and not fall into the temptation of dishonesty ourselves. Stay vigilant. Fight the good fight. In the end, truth will win.