South Korean women’s team disqualification in 3,000-meters short-track speed skating relay will be controversial

Our Canadian women’s short-track speed skating relay team won the silver, but this silver will not be completely sweet because we’re not sure if we deserved it.  The four-time champion South Korean women were celebrating their win but their joy quickly turned sour.  They were disqualified for blocking the Chinese skater, which did not appear absolutely certain to me, but what do I know?  As a result of Korea’s disqualification, China won the gold, Canada, the silver, and the U.S.A., the bronze.

Despite the win, I fear our three medals to be awarded might not be completely fair and square .  China’s win will be very controversial because the South Korean team came in first by a huge margin and even set a  new world record.   I also notice Canada’s CTV network was not celebrating our win of the silver medal. Rightly so.  Neither should China nor the U.S. be celebrating too quickly.

Personally, I think the South Korean women should have won the gold. After looking at the replay, I have my doubts about the judge’s call on this. It didn’t look like the Chinese skater was going to pass the Korean skater.  It just appeared that she just got in the way because they were in the same proximity.  This bump up and down in the medal wins will be controversial and the judge will have to live down his mistake.

Sven Kramer’s disqualification was fair but this one today will be questionable.  Judging is not always fair or accurate. Canada’s figure skating experienced this injustice in Turin 2008 and it caused a big change in how points are awarded in figure skating today.

The nation of South Korean will be furious about the judge’s call on this one.  I feel for the South Korean women today. They truly skated super one today breaking a world record.    May God give you comfort to go through this and the justice to receive what you deserve.