Going to Willow Creek’s Global Leadership Summit

Willow Creek Church is one of the megachurches that understand church growth but sometimes I wonder if this is real evangelism.  Maybe it is. Maybe it isn’t.  Some people have a tough time accepting this church-growth movement because they say it really isn’t evangelism. It’s just people moving from one church to another.

Either way, it’s still a good event to learn some leadership skills from established leaders.  I still think it’s good for pastors and anyone involved with church leadership to check out.  Pastor Bill Hybels and his associates at Willow Creek Association seems to have really put together a superb lineup of speakers for this annual conference called the Global Leadership Summit (GLS) that happens in August each year.

Maybe I’ll be blown away?  There’s always something I can learn from other leaders.  Nevertheless, I’m feeling more excited about attending this re-telecasted event of Willow Creek’s annual GLS this Friday and Saturday (Oct. 16-17).    These telecasts have gone worldwide now–even into Africa, Asia, and smaller places in little ol’ Canada.   Once I get back, I’ll blog about what I learned and experienced…but I have to get my work done first.