Canucks will win one in Boston

I’ve been here in the Atlantic east coast of Canada for a week doing a couple intensive courses in my D.Min. program and I’ve been feel blessed about it so far. One week left to go. I’m feeling elated that the Vancouver Canucks (my team since a teenager) are in the Stanley Cup Finals.  Last time I saw them in the finals were in 1982 and 1994. Now is the year to win it all–Lord Stanley’s Cup in 2011. Canucks fans can taste it now–O so close!

Time to brag a little…no I mean blog a little..about the Vancouver Canucks.  Vancouver has the best fans ever. Even though they’re playing Games 3 and 4 in Boston’s TD Gardens, Vancouver Canucks fans will be watching these games together at the sold-out Rogers Arena in Vancouver. What devotion!  And not the brag but just before the game started, a bunch of guys and I were together and I predicted a 3-2 Vancouver win over Boston– and I was right. Yeah I guess that’s bragging but how often do you get a chance to brag about getting it right on? Yep, not often.

If there are any Boston fans reading this blogpost, I’m sorry.  I think Vancouver has the better team so I predict they will win one of the next two games in Boston, then win the Stanley Cup in Game 6 in Vancouver.  GO CANUCKS GO!

Stanley Cup Finals: Canucks up 2 to 1 in series against Bruins

The Vancouver Canucks have been playing great hockey.  They managed to win two straight games on home ice against Boston.  That’s a good position to be in if you’re a Vancouver Canucks fan.  Now they’re only two games away from winning the Stanley Cup and they’re going into Boston to play for two “away games” in front of Boston fans.  Can the Canucks win the fourth game in Boston?  Will it be a 4-0 sweep?   Maybe, but I would also love to see the Canucks win the Cup on home ice too.

If the Canucks win the Stanley Cup, it will be their first time in their 40 years of franchise history.

Go Canucks Go!!