Evangelization of another marginal group–the rich

In a previous post, I blogged about a need for evangelization and missions to the margins.  In this post, I will make a case for evangelization to the rich. The left will hate what I have to say here. Missionary families have sacrificed their lives and their comforts of home to live overseas, to adopt … Continue reading Evangelization of another marginal group–the rich

The sacrifice of blood, sweat and tears

I'm continuing to blog in the same vein as a previous blog-post on missionaries and evangelization. I admire the missionary friends I know.  They have sacrificed a comfortable life here in Canada to better the lives of people outside this country. Why?  For the sake of Christ's calling to serve God. Many missionaries have literally … Continue reading The sacrifice of blood, sweat and tears

The Call for a New Evangelization

In the next several posts, I’m going to share a few things I wish the universal/catholic Church could be doing better, or more of. We all like and dislike what some of the Church is doing, and not doing. Most of what the church is doing is good. As the Church triumphant on earth, we’ve … Continue reading The Call for a New Evangelization

Become a Better Human

Holiday seasons can be a lonely time for some people, but the loneliness I'm talking about is long-term and reside in each of us.   Even at birth, we were separated from God due to original sin, giving birth to our inner loneliness.  We are afraid of it and run from our feelings of insufficiency.  We … Continue reading Become a Better Human

Of truth, freedom and culture

As people yearning for freedom, we value and appreciate our liberties like freedom of religion, speech, assembly, the press, etc. Liberties and freedoms are a natural outcome of a moral people. To get there, we need to take the right path.  Jules Renard said, “Liberty is the right to choose. Freedom is the result of … Continue reading Of truth, freedom and culture

Appreciating missionary work and thankful for missionaries

Do you remember when you spent blood, sweat, and tears into doing something for someone and never had the pleasure of being recognized or appreciated for your efforts?  And perhaps not even a "Thank you"? You might have had the thought: "I really don't want to do this for them again!" This is likely how … Continue reading Appreciating missionary work and thankful for missionaries

Religion in Taiwan

While visiting my spouse's hometown in Changhua, Taiwan, I visited Bagua Mountain (actually a hill) where there is a huge statue of Buddha.  I climbed up its inner staircases within its inner sanctum where there are displays on each floor explaining the history of Buddhism in Taiwan. I found this to be a good learning … Continue reading Religion in Taiwan