Disney and the new ideology

We already live in world where society is filled with confusion, death, sickness, war, and harsher realities of this world. Walt Disney created a make-believe world where children can escape these realities for a few brief moments. It’s a fantasy world where children can dream of a place in their lives where there is peace, love, and happiness.

Mr. Walt Disney was a Christian man. He grew up in a Congregationalist church. His father, Mr Elias Disney, was an ardent believer of Christ and faithfully attended church every Sunday. He even named his son after his pastor, Reverend Walter Parr; thus we have “Walter Disney.” (See link on the history of his religious upbringing below).

Walt Disney said, “I believe firmly in the efficacy of religion, in its powerful influence on a person’s whole life. It helps immeasurably to meet the storms and stress of life and keep you attuned to the Divine inspiration. Without inspiration, we would perish.”

Today, we still need new Walt Disneys in our world. We need dreamers who can dream dreams to give people inspiration and hope. Christianity has given people the fruits of the Spirit where we see a small taste of heaven on earth. Mr. Walter Disney was able to inculcate his dreams. He shared his gifts through a creative world of books and films.

Society largely trusted and valued the vision of Walt Disney. If Mr. Walter Disney could see what has happened to Disney today, he might be very surprised. The innocence of a kid’s world has been taken over by some of vain imaginings of its new influencers. Disney has changed the way boys and girls are addressed, or rather, not addressed. They’re saying we should no longer call boys and girls “boys and girls” because it might cause some confusion about who they are. You’d think that boys would prefer to be called “boys,” and girls, “girls.”

Many families do not agree with this woke ideology–and neither do many Disney employees. Families have been betrayed by the new woke ideology. It has seeped into even how children are addressed in Disney. Even classical liberals and Democrats believe they’ve gone too far.

When one loses society’s confidence, then you’ve lost. Today, Disney is in danger of losing it all. If Walter Disney and his father were alive today, they would not approve of all this wokeness. He would be sad seeing how this corporation has plummeted from his original intent and visionary inspiration.

Parents once had the confidence in the creation of Mr. Walt Disney, but its new influencers have betrayed Disney. The credibility Mr. Walter Disney had built-up through previous decades has now depreciated. Today’s new Disney has failed in its fiduciary duties to uphold Walt’s vision and values.

In our world where there is war, starvation, sickness and death, we still desperately need inspiration from God our Divine Creator. We need vision because “where there is no vision, the people perish” (Proverbs 29:18). This verse is talking about keeping instructions. It continues, “…but happy is he who keeps the law.” The instructions laid out in scripture are still good for us as people. If we neglect what God has given humanity, then we’ve “cast off restraint” or “run wild” (ESV, NLT). We need to stay on a path that has been instructed by nature, and nature’s God. Taking woke ideology to the extreme is something like “casting off restraint” or “running wild.”

A world so encharmed with wholesomeness, love, peace, and happiness has been overtaken by new influencers who have bought into woke ideology. It needs a new leadership to turn this ship around and return to its original intent and vision.

Christian journalists: seeking and reporting the Truth

Today and more than ever, people fear being censored for speaking the truth, especially when the truth does not agree with the narrative perpetuated by the majority stakeholders. Our academic environment is ever more intolerant to differences in opinions. Whether one has a liberal or conservative bent, freedom of expression, freedom of the press, and freedom of assembly are very precious rights and freedoms in a liberal democracy or democratic republic.

If we do not defend these freedoms, we will all lose out in the end. End result: no one will have the freedom to speak the truth. We need to stand together to defend these freedoms, even if we do not always agree with everything the other says. The common denominator must always be to speak the truth, and to abide by a professional code of ethics as journalists. Otherwise, a free and democratic society will be weakened. A strong democratic republic depends on ethical journalism.

As a Christian, I was taught in church and from my parents to tell the truth, even when it’s not convenient. I remember many opportunities to fudge a little, to bend the truth when it wasn’t convenient to provide the full truth. I know, as a young person, as a student, as a young adult, as a colleague in work places, the opportunity to shift the truth a little to the left or right was always there.

To tell the honest to God truth was not always easy. It even hurt me to tell the full truth. I lost respect when I told them the truth. I also lost some self-respect, and respect from others when I did fudge the truth a little. I might be too open here in my post. I admit it—-I am not perfect and will never be perfect. I am always prone to falling into temptation as long as I am a human being.

This corruption of innate/original sin exists in every person, even in those who are redeemed by the blood of Jesus. Every person of every religion, persuasion, creed and color, has within him- or herself an inner dark side. We need redemption, or simply put, forgiveness of original sin and of sins we commit each day. That is why I am a believer in Jesus Christ who provides me confidence to start fresh each day.

As a young adult, I used to be an avid reader of news. In recent years, my faith in mass media and journalism has waned. Distrust in the mainstream media has seeped into my consciousness. In my university days, one of my professors used to work as a reporter and editor for the New York Times. He emphasized good journalism and seeking and speaking the truth. He was one of the most admired teachers at the school but is now deceased. He is a rare gem these days.

Truth is something we still need to strive for. As journalists and people who work in media, the temptation to fudge the truth is glaring. This temptation haunts every journalist who claims impartiality in the world of a free press. As I observe a daily dose of news in the media and free press, I see much misinformation and disinformation. Lies perpetuates more lies and other falsities in our world. When this happens, it also perpetuates anger, frustration and dissatisfaction. Sad.

As people who seek truth, we need to seek the truth. Journalism schools requires people who are seekers of truth. Several bible verses are a good reminder of the importance of speaking the truth.

Have I not written thirty sayings for you, sayings of counsel and knowledge, teaching you to be honest and to speak the truth, so that you bring back truthful reports to those you serve?

Proverbs 22:20-21, NIV, Holy Bible

“Gird your sword on your side, you mighty one; clothe yourself with splendor and majesty. In your majesty ride forth victoriously in the cause of truth, humility and justice; let your right hand achieve awesome deeds.”

Psalm 45:3-4, NIV, Holy Bible

If you are a Christian journalist or a Christian looking at a career in journalism, one needs to stay in the light and continue in God’s grace and mercy because the temptation to bend the truth always exists.

Editors will force you to bend the truth to fit the narrative of what they want. News editors will be forced by the corporate heads and governments to remove important pieces of information and provide mis- and disinformation in order to sway public opinion. We need good ethics and morality. These are good but rare virtues these days where journalism sometimes seem more akin to state and corporate sponsored propaganda outlets.

If one wants to succeed in disseminating truth in journalism, then for God’s sake, remain in the vine and be in tune with God’s Holy Spirit. Allow truth to guide your writing, speaking and editing. May God’s Spirit of truth penetrate into the hearts and minds of every editor, journalist, media, news reporter and columnist. May God be with you always, and in your endeavors in seeking and speaking the truth.

Society of Professional Journalists, Code of Ethics: https://www.spj.org/ethicscode.asp

Sin and temptation of hypocrisy

Hypocrisy is one of many temptations. It’s a trap that is easy for anyone to fall into. It becomes especially easy for one to commit hypocrisy when he or she holds a position of power. They greater the power, the greater the temptation. The more power one has, the more a person craves to appear just and righteous in front of others. It’s natural.

A powerful person has the responsibility of upholding righteousness and justice, and so, must also appear righteous and just. A person of power is entrusted to levy justice when he or she is required to do so. It is a leader’s moral obligation to better society and encourage order and good governance.

The sin of hypocrisy is suddenly committed when a person violates what they have already publicly endorsed as righteous and just. If a person has never endorsed an act as righteous and still violates that which he spoke against, then there is no sin of hypocrisy.

Jesus warned against hypocrisy:

Beware of practicing your righteousness before other people in order to be seen by them, for then you will have no reward from your Father who is in heaven. Thus, when you give to the needy, sound no trumpet before you, as the hypocrites do in the synagogues and in the streets, that they may be praised by others. Truly, I say to you, they have received their reward. But when you give to the needy, do not let your left hand know what your right hand is doing, so that your giving may be in secret. And your Father who sees in secret will reward you.

Gospel of Matthew, ch. 6, verses 1-4

Hypocritical politicians will sound the trumpet as they publicly express their opinion about others’ freedom to protest in other countries. Case in point, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau voiced his opinion for India’s farmers’ right to protest. He spoke out against China’s human rights violations and violent crackdown the formerly liberal democratic Hong Kong. Recently, he also voiced his opinion in support of Russians who protested against the attack on Ukraine. He also endorsed the violent protests of Black Lives Matter and Antifa and publicly went down on his knee for them.

This sin of hypocrisy became apparent after he voiced his opinion in support of other people’s freedom to protest, and then turned around to limit Canadian trucker’s freedom to protest. These truckers protested peacefully for only three week, whereas, India’s farmers protested for over a year before it had ended.

Canadian truckers had their livelihood negatively impacted by vaccination mandates. They had every right to protest against their government’s heavy-handed policies. They have families to feed. They have bills, truck loans, and mortgages to pay. They were about to lose everything. They came to Ottawa not to occupy the city but to protest the mandates, have them dropped, then return home to resume their life and work. They did not want government to interfere with their legitimate means to earn a living.

What further angered Canadians was when Trudeau attempted to enact laws to illegalize donations made to the protesters cause. He intended to inflict pain by seizing the bank accounts of supporters who had already legally and legitimately donated to their cause. Furthermore, he labeled these donors as terrorists. Imagine the horror and the shock. To deem a legal donation as an act of terror was incomprehensibly undemocratic, uncharacteristic of a liberal free democratic society. Even our American friends were horrified by this undemocratic move. Acts like this are typical of communist and authoritarian regimes.

In Canada’s House of Commons, Trudeau got support from his Liberal caucus and the support of a minority party, the New Democratic Party. However, when it came to the Senate, Trudeau was disappointed he did not have the support from the Senate. He was forced to back-off from invoking the Emergencies Act. These Canadian Senators did the right thing. Years ago, people debated on the effectiveness of an appointed Senate. It was slightly reformed by not including political appointments along political affiliations.

A healthy liberal democracy must have enough checks and balances in its political system to counter governments when they become heavy-handed in their approach to governing. Canada no longer has this. It has been weakened and is in an unhealthy state. Perhaps this weakened liberal democracy will need an overhaul.

This move by Trudeau and his Deputy P.M. Krystia Freeland has set a dangerous precedent in Canadian history. In the future, it will present itself as a big temptation for any politician to take advantage of the Emergencies Act in order to quash and silence dissenting opinions.

Though the truckers have now left Ottawa, the protest remains strong in the people’s hearts. The protest has not only become a protest against vaccination mandates. It has also become a protest against Trudeau’s hypocrisy and tyranny. More importantly, it has also become a protest against the loss of freedom of speech and peaceful assembly.

As a result, some Canadians pulled their money out of Canadian banks. Some Canadians have already decided to leave this country and apply for U.S. residence and citizenship. No one can blame them. Truckers, doctors, nurses, and federal workers have lost their jobs due to a heavy-handed federal vaccination mandate. They will be leaving by the thousands and be bringing their families with them. Future generations of potential law-abiding and hardworking people will be lost.

Today, Trudeau has rightly earned his worldwide recognition as a tyrant and hypocrite, and these sins will have their consequences. It is to Canada’s best interest to reverse these harmful vaccination mandates as soon as possible. Canadians are waking up by the thousands each day, and will one day oust them from power in the next elections. In the mean time, hopefully, Trudeau does not damage Canadian democracy too much more in the next 3.5 years.

[ added a link to article: Rex Murphy: Claiming the Trucker Protest Was an Attempted Government Coup Is Beyond Ridiculous ]

Ten Commandments: Do not slander

Moses gave one of the Ten Commandments: “You shall not bear false witness against your neighbor” (Exodus 20:16).

Lawyers use terms like libel, defamation or false witness. Today, we tend to use words like lie, smear, vilify, and character assassination. The term slander isn’t used as widely these days.

16th century theologian Martin Luther said: “this commandment pertains to public courts of justice, where on may accuse and malign a poor, innocent man and crush him by means of false witness, so that consequently he may suffer punishment in body, property, or honor.

Luther also said, “Every report, then, that cannot be adequately proved is false witness. Therefore, no one should publicly assert as truth what is not publicly substantiated.” (Large Catechism, Book of Concord, 1529). Claims must be substantiated or proven. Our courts of law still need substantiated evidence.

In 1529, Luther taught about speaking truthfully in court. Today, it can still apply to all people, yes, even to politicians. It reminds us to refrain from bad behaviour like slander, character assassination, malignment, vilification, and defamation of another.

During the Freedom Convoy in Ottawa, Canadian truckers were standing up for their freedoms. They were rallying in protest for the federal government to drop the vaccination mandates. Mandates had affected their livelihood and ability to drive their long-haul trucks across the U.S.-Canada border. It affected their income, their ability to work, their ability to pay their mortgages on their homes, and loans on their rigs. Many lost their work and ability to support their families. Truckers are down-to-earth hard-working folks. They are now forced into a very vulnerable situation. They were also ignored by this prime minister, Justin Trudeau.

As we watched the news and heard Trudeau slander these peaceful truckers and protesters, I was horrified and could not believe my ears. He had slandered the truckers as racists, misogynists, nazis, etc. I had never heard slander to such a degree from the mouth of a prime minister. His words have divided the people of Canada on a national level. This has caused irreparable damage and this is exacerbated by a misuse of powers when he invoked the Emergencies Act (or War Measures Act). This was urged on by his deputy prime minister Chrystia Freeland in order to promote World Economic Forum’s globalist agenda.

It was hurtful to listen to this kind of rhetoric from mainstream media (or legacy media). My response was shock, horror, and sadness. I was very disgusted and disappointed with Prime Minister Trudeau and with the mainstream media. I was not alone. Millions of other Canadians and Americans also feel this way. Today, I have switched off mainstream news almost completely. There is a deep sense of betrayal, like as if a knife has been stabbed in the backs of the people. A large portion of people across Canada, vaccinated or unvaccinated, feel they have been betrayed by Trudeau and this government.

Moreover, the legacy/mainstream media are not doing their job in holding the government accountable. They are supposed to do what they were trained to do in journalism school. Mainstream media and journalists seem more akin to state propaganda than the fifth estate. They are now controled by Trudeau and is not effective in holding the government accountable. Democracy has waned to its lowest point in this nation’s history and is in desperate need of good governance.

These mandates (federal/provincial/state) have divided people, co-workers, friends and families. They’ve been very harmful to national unity. It weakens a nation. It has pitted one group against another. It has cast a superior attitude of the vaccinated against the unvaccinated. Science has now shown that the vaccinated are not immune to transmission of the virus. Each person, vax’d or unvax’d, can all transmit the coronavirus to others. We need to see each other as equals again. All citizens want and deserve equal access to work, to all services, and to travel across borders.

We can never go wrong when we portray others in a truthful and honest way. The golden rule is to treat others the way we would want to be treated. To go a step above this is to treat others as they would want to be treated. Truckers wish to be treated with respect, fairness and dignity. They want to be heard.

This commandment of “You shall not bear false witness against your neighbor” is an ethic that needs to be reviewed and taught in our universities and colleges again. It is not an archaic teaching. It is as relevant for today as it was four thousand years ago.

Vilifying good people who protest peacefully will potentially bring grave repercussions—no matter how much one might disagree with the others’ views. Falsely slandering others is libellous, and defamatory. It is character assassination. It is blatantly dishonest and divides a people, relationships, society and a nation.

Will there be a strong Canada in the near future? Nobody knows. Good people must take a stand. Good people must come out to take up space on the political landscape. Good people must come out to bring order and good governance. Otherwise, Canada’s future will be hanging in the balance.

The Catastrophe of Canada | Rex Murphy and Jordan B Peterson

An ex-Antifa tells his story why he left Antifa

FACT CHECK: Does the Antifa Flag Resemble a Nazi Flag?

The Antifa movement is astute at organizing. They infiltrate movements that start out with good intentions but inject Marxists ideas into them. Marxists and socialists will hide behind the mask of Democrats and Democratic-socialists and the Black Lives Matter movement. They don’t want to be seen. They lurk in the shadows to hide their violent and intolerant nature. Antifa is a movement that every freedom-loving citizen of the world need to be aware of. Anti-facism has mobilized violence on city streets and have breeded intolerance toward its opposition, namely, the freedom that represents what America and free nation states stand for. I’m not posting this to attack Antifa but to bring to light and how we can overcome it.

If you’re a conservative like me, you understand what I’m getting at. As conservatives and libertarians, we don’t understand why liberal, socialists antifa-types hate conservatives. This dichotomy grows when we fail to try to understand one another; it has led to the polarization we have today. College and university professors who breed intolerance through antifa are inciting hatred, anger and violence. There is no love and compassion in what they espouse.

Gabriel Nadales, immigrated to the United States with his family from Mexico at age 9. He grew up learning in college that America was his enemy. He tells his story how and why he got into this movement. Today, he has left Antifa because he gradually saw the light–that America was not his enemy. I suspect, he must have had a spiritual experience that brought him into the light a little later in his college years.

Gabriel explained that the American dream is not about the stereotypical fantasy ideas of money and riches. There are countries in this world where there are more rich people than in the United States. So then, what is the American Dream? It is about freedom–the freedom to succeed or to fail.

I like how Gabriel explained to his hosts, in this interview with Calvary Chapel, that the “American dream is this beautiful idea that you can come to this country and have the freedom to succeed or to fail. If you fail, you can stand up… you are the maker of your own path” (see links below).

Nadales has written a book: “Behind the Black Mask: My Time as an Antifa Activist” (on Amazon).

He warned of past movements of Marxism and socialism in history. They had infiltrated the cause of the oppressed worker in China. Maoism had turned China backwards. It has harmed their personal, social, political and economic freedoms for decades. We cannot afford to go down this widely trodden road that China and many countries have already ventured into in Asia, Eastern Europe, Latin America and Africa. They have paid the price of induced and perpetual poverty, and of social and religious oppression.

In the past, I blogged about China’s failed experience of Communism. Today, we need to learn about Antifa and their methods of organizing so that we can recognize what they are doing to our young people in our educational institutions and social media. They are trained organizers. Organizers ushered in Communism into China so we must not under-estimate the power of trained organizers.

We also need to mobilize and organize educational programs, lectures and speeches on freedom. Without the free-flowing ideas of liberty, we will lose our liberties. I love freedom and my liberties and I’m sure many of us do too. But unless we protect them and actively teach to our young people, liberty and libertarian ideas cannot blossom into our beloved and glorious freedoms. We can protect our future, freedoms and liberties by actively teaching our young people why they are so precious and valuable in the past and for today.

I also believe that in the end, we cannot have freedom for the sake of freedom. Freedom is only powerful when it is founded on love and compassion. This is what the good news of the gospel brings. We are not hateful people. We are people who are compassionate and motivated by love for our neighbors. Love and mercy is what holds up and gives reason to why we have freedom and liberties in the first place. May we remain faithful to God’s calling to love our neighbors; and may God remain faithful to help uphold our freedoms.


Interview on YouTube, Part 1: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MNuAvbZqd5w

Interview on YouTube, Part 2: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2xu_rnIGBV4

We can expose the lies of the left and globalist elites

The left-wing, globalist elites and big-tech social media are exposing themselves for who they are. Hypocrites. They did NOT call for a stand-down when Antifa destroyed cities for weeks and months. The Democrats and social media did nothing; in fact, they told lies in calling Antifa’s destructive behavior as “peaceful”. That’s bull and the world knows it. This is why conservatives are now sick and tired of their lies. The mainstream media is dispicable. It is no wonder they are hated and their ratings and viewership has gone down.

The likes of Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, AOC and their socialist crew members are fakes and liars and we all know it. They are now exposing their hypocrisy right in the open and are not even ashamed of it. They are acting like third-world totalitarian dictators. That’s what authoritarian do in countries like China and the former USSR.

You will notice that I’m not holding anything back. I have been very civil and have “held back” in the past but frustration has been building up for months. Now, no more Mr Nice Guy. I’m just letting it all out the last few posts to let the world know what I really think. I think millions of people are also fed up with the lies and corrupt agenda of the left. They have been shoving it down out throats and we are tired of it. We will not take any more of their crap, and we are not alone. We must stand together to continue exposing their lies. They have demonized Trump and now they will be demonizing us plus millions of other freedom-loving people of all political stripes around the world.

Trump is one man the globalist elites fear most

Trump is the one president who can bring down the globalists and the globalist elite know it. They fear him because they know he has the courage to do try to bring them down. They have been using the mainstream media to bully Trump through libellous claims. They are misleading the public and falsely making him out to be a racist, and anti-this and anti-that.

President Trump is the one person in many generations who has the courage to stand up against the globalist elite. That’s why they want him impeached ASAP and push Biden into the Whitehouse.

In the past four years, Trump has weathered through all the lies the globalist elites and Democrats were able to dish out on him (ex. Russian collusion and many other hoaxes). They know he is a tough guy; they fear him; and they are desperate to get rid of him. It is why they designated him as their target even before he was inaugurated into office.

Joe Biden and Kamala Harris would allow the “great reset” to happen. What is this “great reset”? It is the goal to tear down our traditional society and re-create a new economy and society controlled by a small group of invisible globalist elites.

Who are the vehicles of change? Antifa. Who and what is Antifa? Antifa are modern-day socialists. People like Harris and AOC sit in congress but are really Antifa at heart. They have been brain-washed and indoctrinated to think like Antifa. Believe me, they are Antifa at heart. Harris is a proponent of socialism, as are the rest of the socialists gang. They are the people quietly behind the Antifa and urging them on to conduct violent acts on the streets.

Furthermore, this makes them complicit to violence. They did not say one thing against Antifa’s violent behavior when they destroyed American cities over a period of months. But they were quick to denounce Trump supporters at the Capitol over just one day of mostly peaceful protest.

What does this mean? It also means Harris, AOC, Pelosi and Schumer have incited violence during Antifa’s destruction of American cities. They have condoned their violence and are guilty themselves for destroying public property and the private property of business owners who put their sweat and tears into their work.

I predict there will be many other types of groups that will arise from future social unrests. Globalist elite have paid people associated with Black Lives Matter and Antifa to conduct violent acts and storm into Congress on 6th of January while posing as Trump supporters. Yes, some BLM have admitted to being paid to do this. The globalist elite do not see it coming but the chaos and unrest they themselves have created through their division and lies will in turn breed more chaos and unrests.

Do they think we are ignorant of their evil plots? Even some traditional Democrats are now beginning to wake up and smell the coffee. They are walking away from the Democratic Party in larger numbers. African Americans and visible minorities are also walking away from the Democrats and joining the movement to support Trump because they are seeing the corruption happening before their eyes.

Trump is a tough character, and yes, he is not a perfect man, but neither was King David of the Old Testament. God uses imperfect people to do the right things. God has used Trump and his courage to make hard decisions and do the right things for America. I believe he will go down in history as one of the greatest presidents of the United States. So stay the course. Support your president until his last day in office. God is still in control in the midst of chaos.

Media and global elites covering up election fraud

Something strange is happening. Yes indeed. Election fraud has been ignored by the left-wing media. Their refusal to acknowledge the evidence in plain sight is enough evidence of their corruption and manipulation. Smells eerily similar to the state-owned media in countries like Communist China. Hearing of their fake reports on the radio and TV that corruption did not happen is enough evidence for me that the media truly is being controlled. Their claims of lack of any evidence of election fraud are complete lies and utter non-sense. They are lying and this is painful for millions in America.

The left-wing media mob have self-identified themselves as “fake news” because they have been faking the news and claiming what they espouse as “news”. Millions of discerning minds and hearts already knew this–even before Trump came on the scene and labelled them as “fake news”. They have been fake news for decades. We see through their lies.

Previously, the world had looked upon America as a land of freedom and where rule-of-law and free elections are upheld. Today, they are witnessing the corruption in American elections and wondering what the heck has happened to this free country.

I suspect the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) in China may have had something to do with the election fraud. Yes, the CCP. The Communist party has bought out the Bidens and has given father and son millions to have access to manipulate election and fill their pockets with billions through backroom deals. It’s not only about Russia. It’s really more about Biden’s collusion with China. The Bidens have made millions from colluding with the CCP in China for years.

National unity is beginning to unravel. It has been fueled by the left-wing mainstream media who are playing into the hands of the globalist elite. The mainstream media is not any different from the state-owned centralized media in communist China. They say what they are told to say and dare not go off script. It is all scripted and forced by the editors who were hand-picked to sit in their editors chairs.

These globalists are also after our children in the public school system and university classrooms. They want to mold the minds of the future generations so that they can control them. They are trying to brain-wash them as early as possible. This was exactly how Communist China did it to generations of children in the 1940s-1950s. Get them indoctrinated into socialism while they are young. It solidifies their power and ability to control the masses. How do I know? Read this post here.

Let us pray that God’s will may arise from this chaos. The sovereign God is somehow in control, even in this chaos. Remain faithful in prayer and trust that God will somehow and one day deal with the injustices and corruption of the left and globalist elites. We must continue to do what is right and not fall into the temptation of dishonesty ourselves. Stay vigilant. Fight the good fight. In the end, truth will win.

Seniors in poverty

17 Best Homeless Quotes on Pinterest | Helping others quotes, Homeless housing and Poverty quotes

Stealing and petty offenses are a no-no.  It’s the same, whether it’s here in Canada, the U.S. or in Japan.   In Japan, they are experiencing an increase in older people committing offences. It’s an elderly crime wave by grandpas and grandmas.  It is sad.

Here’s the irony.  These seniors want to go to jail. The reason: they are reaching pensionable age and running out of money. They are choosing to live in jail because it’s free. Free food. Free housing.

A rational senior might easily think: “Well, why not?  Better to live in the comforts of a jail than starve on the streets.” Sounds rational to me too.

One senior said, “I reached pension age and then I ran out of money. So it occurred to me – perhaps I could live for free if I lived in jail,” he says….”So I took a bicycle and rode it to the police station and told the guy there: ‘Look, I took this.’

This is sad. In traditional Asian-Japanese culture, the children will take care of the parents. They are three or even four generation households.  But when there is a break-down in families and in society, people get left behind.

Seniors behind bars in Japan

These seniors committing small petty offences do not intend to do any physical harm.  This BBC article: “Why Some Japanese pensioners want to go to jail” interviewed some seniors:

“Small, slender, and with a tendency to giggle, Toshio looks nothing like a habitual criminal, much less someone who’d threaten women with knives. But after he was released from his first sentence, that’s exactly what he did.

“I went to a park and just threatened them. I wasn’t intending to do any harm. I just showed the knife to them hoping one of them would call the police. One did.”

Altogether, Toshio has spent half of the last eight years in jail.

I ask him if he likes being in prison, and he points out an additional financial upside – his pension continues to be paid even while he’s inside.

“It’s not that I like it but I can stay there for free,” he says. “And when I get out I have saved some money. So it is not that painful.”

Japan is a law-abiding society.  Crime happens rarely in this Confucion-oriented country.  You can leave a phone or a wallet on a subway and likely, no one will steal it. They will return it to someone at the office for lost & found.  The BBC article stated:

“In 1997 this age group accounted for about one in 20 convictions but 20 years later the figure had grown to more than one in five – a rate that far outstrips the growth of the over-65s as a proportion of the population (though they now make up more than a quarter of the total).”

A confucianist culture like Japan would not dream of levying harsh punish upon their elders for this kind of crime.  Confucian stated:

The Duke of Sheh told Confucius: In my land, there are just men.

If a father steals a sheep, the son will testify against him.

Confucius said: The just men in my land are different from this.

The father conceals the wrongs of his son, and the son conceals the wrongs of his father.  This is justice.

https://quakergirl.files.wordpress.com/2011/10/jesus_helping_the_poor_jpg-magnum.jpgIn this Asian shame-based culture, the punishment for such a crime will not be huge.  The bigger shame in this for Japanese people will be the inability to support their own senior citizens.

The birthrate in Japan has declined such that the younger generation will not be able to support the public pension plans of the older generations.

It is already happening in South Korea. China will be in a similar situation in the very near future.  There is a shameful thing going on with Bucchus ladies (granny prostitution) in Asia and South Korea.  It is invisible and can exists in cultures where younger generations are supposed to take care of the older generations (read article here).

North America and Europe will also come to similar predicament. Is there anything else we can do to support our senior’s public pension plans?  Increase taxes? Not without a lot of push-back from our hard working tax-paying citizens.

If our birthrates do not increase, do we increase our immigration rates in order to sustain a steady base of tax contributors?  Here in Canada, we are already doing this.  Many countries are also doing the same.

Compassion and capitalism must go hand-in-hand in order for society to function well.  This is where the Church and Christians can make a difference.  We need not turn to socialism, as I said in my previous post on socialism.  It must not be an option.  As a society, we must take action to take care of our seniors, our mentally ill, and our vulnerable who need our care.

Sex Abuse in Southern Baptist Churches

No one likes airing one’s own dirty laundry.  There is plenty of dirty laundry to be aired.  A scandal ising erupt in the Southern Baptist Convention (SBC). Sexual abuse is currently being reported by the Houston Chronicle, a 3-part series titled Abuse of Faith (February 2019) (Part 1, Part 2, Part 3).

It’s no longer just the Roman Catholic Church taking the brunt of the criticisms.  Southern Baptist congregations are also guilty of sexual abuse of children and youth. Some of the names involve prominent SBC leaders, pastors, and involve some lay-leaders, volunteers, and deacons.

There is no stopping at just youth pastors and deacons and volunteer laypersons. This report reveals seminary presidents and SBC leaders, and pastors of large congregations who are guilty.

Houston Chronicle SBC.jpg

This article reveals hideous sins within the SBC churches that will undoubtedly heap shame and guilt upon Southern Baptists. Baptists and evangelicals pride themselves on holiness and piety. We think of ourselves as living out the Christian lifestyle.  Underneath the veneer of Church-ianity, there is still sin that is common to all human beings. I hope all baptists can realize our own hypocrisy and confess our sins.

In May of last year, Patterson was ousted as president of Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary in Fort Worth after he said he wanted to meet alone with a female student who said she was raped so he could “break her down,” according to a statement from seminary trustees.

But his handling of sexual abuse dates back decades. Several women have said that Patterson ignored their claims that his ex-protégé, Darrell Gilyard, assaulted them at Texas churches in the 1980s; some of those allegations were detailed in a 1991 Dallas Morning News article.

The Gilyard case bothered Debbie Vasquez. She feared other victims had been ignored or left to handle their trauma alone.

When Vasquez became pregnant, she said, leaders of her church forced her to stand in front of the congregation and ask for forgiveness without saying who had fathered the child.

She said church members were generally supportive but were never told the child was their pastor’s. Church leadership shunned her, asked her to get an abortion and, when she said no, threatened her and her child, she said. She moved abroad soon after.

Pastors can be abused by the congregations. Yes. But church members can also be abused by pastors, deacons, elders and lay-leader/volunteers.  Every person in church leadership need to be held accountable.  Background police checks probably don’t catch every sex offender.  These checks only catch registered sex offenders but those who have never been caught will slip through the cracks undetected.

Harvey Rosenstock, a psychiatrist in Houston worked for decades with victims and perpetrators of clergy sexual abuse. He describes how clergy use their power to abuse children and youth:

“If someone is identified as a man of God, then there are no holds barred,” he said. “Your defense system is completely paralyzed. This man is speaking with the voice of God. … So a person who is not only an authority figure, but God’s servant, is telling you this is between us, this is a special relationship, this has been sanctioned by the Lord. That allows a young victim to have almost zero defenses. Totally vulnerable.”

As clergy, we have influence that causes a power imbalance, especially with the vulnerable.  Young children, youth and young people are susceptible to being taken advantage of by people in authority.  Women can also hold a power imbalance too so we must not take our positions for granted.  I hope our churches becomes more self-aware and corrects this imbalance through a system of checks and balances.