My condolences and prayers to the Royal Family

Dear members of the Royal Family,

I will remember her majesty Queen Elizabeth II as one of the finest women who has ever lived. As a 54 year-old …, I have gradually grown fond of her as an individual. She has also been the finest head of state that [my nation], and my generation, has ever known. We will dearly miss her.


My prayers will that Your Majesty King Charles III and all members of your family be protected under God’s mighty hand. May God’s holy angels guard Prince William and Prince Harry and each child and grandchild to come. May the Lord continue to richly bless your family and give you long life.

Long live the king.



(My sincerest condolences to the Royal Family upon the news of the passing of Her Majesty QE II on 9 September 2022.)

Queen Elizabeth II: May she rest in peace

The world has heard, Queen Elizabeth the Second had just passed away yesterday morning. I was ‘glued to the tube’ for several hours. For me, she was one of the finest women who’s ever lived. I confess I didn’t always see it that way. Growing up, I did not understand her role and purpose as head of state. I was 13 years old and I recall an ignorant comment I had made in class (I was joking of course). The teacher (a British expat) heard it and he was NOT happy and said he’d throw me outside the window (and he was joking of course). I realized I had offended not only him but also what she represents to the nation.

Today, decades later and with lots of schooling under my belt, I have grew fond of her. My respect for her as head of state and for her character as a person has increased manifold. (See my previous post here on source of our rights and freedoms).

Of all the royals, she has been stable and upstanding. Not many people could endure the turmoils she has experienced within the royal family. Families are never perfect–this family included.

Officially, what is her role? The Sovereign holds the title ‘Defender of the Faith and Supreme Governor of the Church of England’ There is a very famous and symbolic picture of her 1953 coronation when Her Majesty was anointed by the Archbishop of Canterbury and took an oath to “maintain and preserve inviolably the settlement of the Church of England, and the doctrine worship, discipline, and government thereof, as by law established in England”.

Her faith has helped her be the rock of family. She has strong unbending faith and is an ardent believer in Jesus Christ. This is an example she has set not only for British citizens but also for commonwealth nations.

I look forward to watching her funeral. She will be honoured because she has fulfilled her role as defender of the faith and as head of state in the most dignified way. She will be remembered by this generation and the last three generations as one of the finest individuals who has given of herself to service of God, nation, and family.

May Her Majesty rest in peace… and long live the king.

Disney and the new ideology

We already live in world where society is filled with confusion, death, sickness, war, and harsher realities of this world. Walt Disney created a make-believe world where children can escape these realities for a few brief moments. It’s a fantasy world where children can dream of a place in their lives where there is peace, love, and happiness.

Mr. Walt Disney was a Christian man. He grew up in a Congregationalist church. His father, Mr Elias Disney, was an ardent believer of Christ and faithfully attended church every Sunday. He even named his son after his pastor, Reverend Walter Parr; thus we have “Walter Disney.” (See link on the history of his religious upbringing below).

Walt Disney said, “I believe firmly in the efficacy of religion, in its powerful influence on a person’s whole life. It helps immeasurably to meet the storms and stress of life and keep you attuned to the Divine inspiration. Without inspiration, we would perish.”

Today, we still need new Walt Disneys in our world. We need dreamers who can dream dreams to give people inspiration and hope. Christianity has given people the fruits of the Spirit where we see a small taste of heaven on earth. Mr. Walter Disney was able to inculcate his dreams. He shared his gifts through a creative world of books and films.

Society largely trusted and valued the vision of Walt Disney. If Mr. Walter Disney could see what has happened to Disney today, he might be very surprised. The innocence of a kid’s world has been taken over by some of vain imaginings of its new influencers. Disney has changed the way boys and girls are addressed, or rather, not addressed. They’re saying we should no longer call boys and girls “boys and girls” because it might cause some confusion about who they are. You’d think that boys would prefer to be called “boys,” and girls, “girls.”

Many families do not agree with this woke ideology–and neither do many Disney employees. Families have been betrayed by the new woke ideology. It has seeped into even how children are addressed in Disney. Even classical liberals and Democrats believe they’ve gone too far.

When one loses society’s confidence, then you’ve lost. Today, Disney is in danger of losing it all. If Walter Disney and his father were alive today, they would not approve of all this wokeness. He would be sad seeing how this corporation has plummeted from his original intent and visionary inspiration.

Parents once had the confidence in the creation of Mr. Walt Disney, but its new influencers have betrayed Disney. The credibility Mr. Walter Disney had built-up through previous decades has now depreciated. Today’s new Disney has failed in its fiduciary duties to uphold Walt’s vision and values.

In our world where there is war, starvation, sickness and death, we still desperately need inspiration from God our Divine Creator. We need vision because “where there is no vision, the people perish” (Proverbs 29:18). This verse is talking about keeping instructions. It continues, “…but happy is he who keeps the law.” The instructions laid out in scripture are still good for us as people. If we neglect what God has given humanity, then we’ve “cast off restraint” or “run wild” (ESV, NLT). We need to stay on a path that has been instructed by nature, and nature’s God. Taking woke ideology to the extreme is something like “casting off restraint” or “running wild.”

A world so encharmed with wholesomeness, love, peace, and happiness has been overtaken by new influencers who have bought into woke ideology. It needs a new leadership to turn this ship around and return to its original intent and vision.

Illegal crossings at one million

I heard about the southern border crisis (U.S.-Mexico). It’s bad–really bad. I just saw this video on Rumble by vlogger Savannah Hernandez (good job on this vid and going out there to get the scoop directly!) Her You…tube channel got banned for speaking the truth. We should support vloggers like her because she speaks the truth. Censorship is never a good thing. Anyway…

It’s already up a million crossings a year. Unbelievable! The Biden Administration and Democratic left are denying this migrant crisis exists and they’re treating this like it doesn’t exist.

If this were happening in any other country, it would be front page headlines. Shows the extent in how the propagandist woke-legacy media has been corrupted by globalist heads.

If the economy is already bad and inflation is already at record highs, imagine what illegal immigation is going to do the American economy.

Back in January 2019 when I blogged about this before here, I thought 250,000-360,000 was bad, now it’s already over 1,000,000.

How can this be? How is this even possible?

Local residents in border towns are at risk of having violent run-ins with illegal aliens. They are in need of money, food, and shelter. If they can’t get what they need, there’s potential of them raising havoc in peaceful communities.

As I stated in my previous post on the border wall, I am not against immigration. My parents immigrated legally. I am a child of immigrants. But I am realistic about the risks inherent in illegal immigration. I believe immigration must always be done legally and systematically because immigrants need jobs. Citizens also need stability. I know I’m not alone on this.

May we pray for peace and security in the lives of naturalized citizens living in border towns. May we also pray for peace and security in the lives of illegal migrants. May God’s will be done in their lives. I do not know what that will hold for them.

Charter’s “Supremacy of God”

The Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms begins with this important line:

Whereas Canada is founded upon principles that recognize the supremacy of God and the rule of law:

The Honourable Brian Peckford, the last living Canadian premier and signatory to the Charter, highlighted in this video below (1:14:48) that this first line was intentionally placed in its primary spot at the beginning of the Charter.

As Canadians, how we are to read, interpret and use the charter in our lives must be based on the supremacy of God and rule of law, the principles on which this great country is founded on.

This means that:

1. Human beings nor the state are God. God alone is the supreme sovereign one and we ought to live and serve in reverent fear of God;

2. The rule of law means that how we rule and live as subjects of the Crown must be based on the rule of law;

3. The acknowledgement of God in our lives means that we are not left alone and are not ruled in isolation. Every Canadian is ruled under law, and under the supremacy of God;

4. The invocation of the supreme God as ruler means that the state is not the sovereign. The state must also be subject under the supremacy of God.

To deny these facts is to debase and cut-off oneself from the rule of law and from the supreme Creator God.

Rise of Global Government and the demise of civil liberties

The Rise of Global Government: Understanding the Unprecedented Times We Live in through the Lens of the Bible.

Watch online (free access). Virtual event from: Tuesday, March 29, 12-5 PM. Link:

Throughout the world, individual liberties and freedom are being lost as authoritarianism rises. Learn what’s at stake and how to live in these unprecedented times.

Hosted and Moderated by Hon. Michele Bachmann, Dean, Robertson School of Government, Regent University.

Six segments.

Will document examples of the rise of authoritarianism over the past two years.

Explains World Economic Forum (WEF).

The rise of medical global authoritarianism in the United States.

Explains World Economic Forum (WEF).

What does the Bible say about the rise of global authoritarianism and governance? Parallel Scripture to the events occurring in our world today and global governance.

The rise and history of socialism, fascism and communism. Learn how government Authoritarianism removes the authority of individuals and gives it to a centralized government.

Good guys vs bad guys

It has been one month since we have been glued to the tube seeing pictures of destruction in Ukraine. The news media is very much preoccupied with the morality of the war. They are making us see this war as morally one-sided–as a black and white issue. Ukraine are the good guys, and Russia are the bad guys. Putin is pure evil incarnate, and Zelensky is the courageous hero who can do no wrong.

I’m reminded about a couple who broke up during college. All the guys sided with their guy friend, but no one sided with the girl. In reality, neither were right. Both were in the wrong, and everyone knew it. The truly sad thing was that there was also a baby involved. The girl ended up having the baby and raising it on her own. This break-up was a big emotional disaster for the friends who observed this whole thing transpire.

How could something like this happen? She didn’t have any friends around her who could defend her and take her side. It was a bad situation filled with guilt and shame for both parties. You might know of a similar break-up scenario where someone was wronged and no one is truly innocent.

The ‘guy’ here is like Zelensky, and the ‘girl’ here is like Putin. In this war, the west is siding with Zelensky, and Putin is friendless, deserted, and labeled the guilty party. In reality, both parties were wrong. No one is innocent here. But the west has everyone cheering for Zelensky. The ‘baby’ involved here are the innocent Ukrainian refugees who were bombed-out and forced to flee their homes.

This Ukrainian-Russia geopolitical tussle is nothing new. It also happened back in 2014. Not as many cared or paid attention, but 14,000 lives were lost. When Crimea was attacked and annexed by Russia, there was no media frenzy. It just reported on the story, and was just a short blip.

What’s different this time is the west has been driven into a frenzy. We are being told a different ‘truth.’ Take note. Our public emotions are being whipped into a frenzy such that even non-Ukrainian citizens are now willing to go fight and die for Ukraine. This tells me something is awry about this story.

More truth is slowly leaking out. There is financial corruption in Ukraine. Zelensky is also an authoritarian, and has condoned violence toward ethnic people in his own country of Ukraine. This is troubling. Must do your research. Don’t depend on what the legacy media is force-feeding you through the major networks. After the ‘lights have been turned on,’ you’ll never see the media the same way again.

The western news media is being told to focus on this story. There is a plan to use Ukraine as a new starting point to trigger a great reset to help usher in a new world order. Pay attention after this story has fulfilled its purpose, there will be much bigger changes in the world economic and political landscape. New political economies will emerge from this. There will be cataclysmic changes in how we do business, in how we buy and sell, and in how we deal with money, and much more.

How this story is being spun is intentional. Seems this war was also intentional. It’s almost like they planned to the have the actor-turned-politician, who played the part of president of Ukraine on his show, to later become the real president of Ukraine only several years later.

The pieces are already set in place. Keep your eyes peeled. The kabal-ball in rolling, and something is coming down the pike.

School-yard bully vs victim-kid

I’ve been blogging on Russian-Ukraine every day, too many days, this past week. This is my last post, I promise, I hope…okay no promises. Anyway, more to say here about Zelensky now.

Ukraine had been pushing for NATO membership. Shouldn’t Zelensky have known better? He knew. His mistake was that he expected the west to cover him, regardless. He thought wrong and miscalculated the west. He wanted NATO membership for Ukraine, and pushed for it, despite knowing Putin and Russia’s dislike for it. Hey, it was no secret that Russia loudly disapproved of NATO expansion. There was a verbal promise made to the USSR when it collapsed into Russia and the former soviet-block countries.

Regarding NATO expansion, Putin said, “Our mistake was that we trusted you too much; and your mistake was that you tried to take advantage of that.” He certainly knows who to blame.

Now, in the last several days, we hear about Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelensky putting on the table an offer to refrain from seeking NATO membership. Well, it’s kind of late don’t you think?

Russia is bombing the heck out of Ukraine and now he’s thinking about not seeking NATO membership?! What was he thinking?! Zelensky must have known what he was doing.

I compare this to the school-yard bully who demanded the kid-victim to bring his lunch and to include his favorite drink. But the next day the kid decides to not bring his usually tasty lunch (corned beef sandwich) but instead brings the bully’s least favorite lunch (carrot sticks & broccolli) along with the most sour drink in the world. So the bully gets angry at the kid-victim, then beats the living daylights out of him. That’s Putin and Zelensky.

If NATO membership had not been sought in the first place, we might not have seen the year-long Russian military build-up around Ukraine that led up to this disaster. Putin is brutal, and poking the bear was the most foolish move. Zelensky under-estimated the bear.

I know. Sounds like I’m blaming Zelensky. I’m not. Trust me. When a kid is being bullied at school, the dumbest thing to do is to tick off the bully when you don’t have any friends to back you up.

A smart kid will first put his ducks in a row. Line up his friends to defend him; then let the bully have it, right where it counts. That’s what Zelensky should’ve done. Can’t blame a comedian-turned-politician. He’s not the most astute politician, but he is a good actor.

Too late now. So where do we go from here? Don’t have an answer; but I do know that no one wants a World War III.

Putin Doctrine – It’s about national security

President Vladimir Putin addresses the nation at the Kremlin in Moscow (Feb. 24 2022)

Great nations have risen and fallen. Some nations since ancient times were called Assyria, Babylon, and later, Rome. They had risen and fallen. Nations do not stay great forever. Russia was formerly a great nation under its Soviet Communist system. Political leaders can become nostalgic but when reality sets in, they will be reminded that history will remain history.

The Putin Doctrine: This is a theory that puts forth the idea that Putin wants to restore today’s Russia back to its old glory days to have its rightful place in the world (but without the communism and Bolshevik oppression). Since the downfall of Soviet Russia and its collapse, Russia’s aura has waned. Political hacks and journalists have written lots of articles, blog posts and books (e.g., here) about this Putin Doctrine. He is patriotic and loves his country, but I’m not so convinced he’s that nostalgic and focused on restoring glory. I believe it has more to do with national security.

Putin said in 2005: “The greatest geopolitical catastrophe of the century was the dissolution of the Soviet Union.” Angela Stent said this of the doctrine:

The core element of this doctrine is getting the West to treat Russia as if it were the Soviet Union, a power to be respected and feared, with special rights in its neighborhood and a voice in every serious international matter. The doctrine holds that only a few states should have this kind of authority, along with complete sovereignty, and that others must bow to their wishes. It entails defending incumbent authoritarian regimes and undermining democracies. And the doctrine is tied together by Putin’s overarching aim: reversing the consequences of the Soviet collapse, splitting the transatlantic alliance, and renegotiating the geographic settlement that ended the Cold War.

Angela Stent, Foreign Affairs.

It’s about National Security: Despite what the west thinks of Russia, Russia sees itself as a target of the West. Putin has a case for protecting Russia from being attacked by the West and is based on real historical concerns. Stent continues stating: “Russia, after all, has been repeatedly invaded from the West. In the twentieth century, it was invaded by anti-Bolshevik allied forces, including some from the United States, during its civil war from 1917 to 1922. Germany invaded twice, leading to the loss of 26 million Soviet citizens in World War II.”

Putin is primarily concerned about Russia’s security–not about a land grab of Ukraine for his own glory. We should take Putin at his word because he did do what he said he was going to do, due to NATO’s eastward expansion. Putin is making his case clear. He will remind the west that it has reneged on its promises it made when the Soviet Union was dissolved to end the cold war.

Putin doesn’t care about what the west thinks about him. He sees through the fake news and propaganda from the west. Putin continues to move, walk and talk with a strong sense of self-confidence in his beliefs and in the actions he has taken thus far in order to protect Russia’s national security.