Happy New Year and a few predictions for 2019

Happy New Year. A few predictions for 2019. Here goes mine including a few weird ones. I’m interesting in knowing what some of your predictions are. 1. MUSIC: several Christian contemporary songs will hit the mainstream pop charts. 2. RELIGION: the Baptist church and other Evangelicals denominations will get enlightened, ban together and elect their… Read More Happy New Year and a few predictions for 2019

Response to Patton’s ‘Why I’m Not Charismatic’

Scott and Marv over at To Be Continued have just finished the last of the 8-part series “Response to Patton’s ‘Why I’m Not Charismatic’”  (a 22-page PDF file).  They’ve done a good job in critiquing Patton’s paper and causing us, in every position, to consider our own arguments more carefully. [ Added: …and here’s their… Read More Response to Patton’s ‘Why I’m Not Charismatic’