‘Who I am’ is expressed through some things I’m grateful for below:

1. sceneries of spring, summer and fall, and the beautiful hiking and cycling trails;

2. spare time to enjoy a few hobbies like raising small fish, photography, and writing;

3. spending time with family and friends having a good meal together, chatting and having a good time around the table;

4. experiencing the sight, sounds, and smell of the Pacific Northwest. Whenever I visit, it calls to me: You’ve returned home;

5. the sky high mountains with its emerald lakes and rivers and where I love going camping;

6. beautiful golden plains of the prairies. It’s the heartland and source of our food;

7. opportunities to travel abroad and experience different lands, cultures and peoples;

8. blessings of living in a free country where there is freedom of expression, and the liberty for all to worship without harassment or fear of persecution;

9. being able to live securely at home, and having a home wherever I am called to make my home; and

10. to live healthy, eat well, and be happy.

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