About me

I was born in Vancouver and lived in many places throughout my life (including British Columbia, Ontario, Saskatchewan, and Virginia). I have been married to my wife of over 17 years and we have a 14 year old daughter. Work has taken us to British Columbia and Alberta.

I work in the area of spiritual and pastoral care and minister to people with various needs in life and work. Looking back, this vocation was not my first intention but it was part of God’s guidance throughout my life. I feel incredibly blessed to be able to use my pastoral gifts within my vocational calling.

Since being called to this type of work and moving from place to place, I have continued to see how God’s hand guides me and my family. It has been a humbling experience to learn and grow in all areas and phases of my life and work. My purpose is to continue to serve in whatever capacity God calls me too.

Sam, K.A.


‘Who I am’ is also expressed through some things of life I am grateful for (below):

1. sceneries of spring, summer and fall, and the beautiful hiking and cycling trails;

2. spare time to enjoy a few hobbies like raising small fish, photography, and writing;

3. spending time with family and friends having a good meal together, chatting and having a good time around the table;

4. experiencing the sight, sounds, and smell of the Pacific Northwest. Whenever I visit, it calls to me: You’ve returned home;

5. the sky high mountains with its emerald lakes and rivers and where I love going camping;

6. beautiful golden plains of the prairies. It’s the heartland and source of our food;

7. opportunities to travel abroad and experience different lands, cultures and peoples;

8. blessings of living in a free country where there is freedom of expression, and the liberty for all to worship without harassment or fear of persecution;

9. being able to live securely at home, and having a home wherever I am called to make my home; and

10. to live healthy, eat well, and be happy.

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