About Liberty Culture

Welcome to the Liberty Culture blog. This blog comes out of my various reflections and pondering. These various topics might include: personal devotional times, faith, ideas about God, the bible, scriptural translations, spirituality, current affairs, news, economics, politics, and the Church.  They come from my reflections on scripture and how it intersects with life in society. 

Why I blog. Life can be hard to make sense of. Blogging can help me make some sense out of confusion and uncertainties.  Reflective writing also allows me to make sense of faith when I don’t feel I have much faith. On some days, spirituality seem to connect with life and culture. On other days, they can clash. Blogging helps me look at some of the issues from different angles, to dig deeper, to see how the Christian faith affects life, culture and society. 

About the blogger. Currently, he lives in Victoria BC, on Vancouver Island. He serves as a chaplain to the fine men and women in the armed forces. His family includes his wife and daughter (and a cat). He enjoys cycling, hiking, and recently keeping small fish. For these blessings in life, he is very grateful.

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