About Liberty Culture

Welcome to the Liberty Culture blog. Allow me to introduce you to this blog.  It comes out of the various reflections and ponderings I might have that day of the week. These topics could be about anything: faith, ideas about God, the bible, scriptural translations, spirituality, current affairs, news, economics, politics, and the Church.  Most of these posts derive out of my reflections on scripture and how it intersects with life in society. 

Why I blog. Life can be hard to figure out so blogging helps me make sense out of confusion.  Reflective writing allows me to make sense of faith when I don’t feel I have much faith. On some days, the things of God seem to connect with life and culture. On other days, they can clash. Blogging on these things helps me look at some of the issues from different angles, to dig deeper, to analyze how this Christian faith affects life, culture and society.   That’s why I blog.

Where I call home (for now). We used to live in the Toronto suburban area and rural Saskatchewan. Currently, my family and I live in Victoria, a small and beautiful west coast city on Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada. Have a great day.

Kevin S.

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