Why the blog?

The reason I blog is to help me process my thoughts. Sometimes, my thoughts don’t make any sense (as you might gather in some posts). Sometimes, blogging helps me examine topics and issues from different angles.

Faith and spirituality is a very important part of my life.  You’ll see most of my posts are related to these general topics but I also have a wide range of interests (e.g., theology, Scripture, bible translations, spirituality, current affairs and news, politics, church, missions, evangelism, etc.).  I cannot focus on only one single topic because I need the variety to keep my mind stimulated and engaged.

I will also write posts that come out of my devotions and study.  As human, as weak and as wrong as I might be at times, I hope I may be guided by God’s word (Holy Scripture), by His Spirit (existentially), and by members of Christ’s body around me (the Church). That might include you (the reader) too.

For a lot of people, religion makes no sense.  Many people tell me that they are just not religious.  I’m totally okay with that.  If it weren’t for certain circumstances that took place in my own life, I probably might not be religious either.  I will try to make some sense out of nonsense.

Blogging also allows me to make sense of faith and of faithlessness, and when these things connect and clash with life and culture.

Blogging also allows me to dig deeper, to analyze how faith affects life and culture… and also the reverse–when culture influences how one sees faith, spirituality, and how Scripture is interpreted.

Struggling with issues in our culture, life and society is not a bad thing.  Things can be at odds with our personal ideals and values and can challenge our spirituality.

We might come to question and doubt ourselves because we wonder if what we value are right or wrong.  I also have doubt too.

We can either become antagonistic toward culture and society and run closer to religion.

Or we can become antagonistic toward religion and shift toward secular/popular culture, or even agnosticism/atheism.

We all wonder at times whether what we’re doing is right or the cool or uncool thing.  We might feel, “Forget what the rest of the world thinks. I’ll do what I feel is right.”

We try to fit in.  Do things the easy way.  Walk the wide road.  At times, we lose a sense of who we are.

Sounds like it’s happened to you before?

Our lives are not static but can be in flux, changing.

We might still be getting to know who we are.  Figuring out what’s right… and what fits my situation and circumstances.

God and our conscience might be telling us one thing; and the world might be telling us something completely opposite.

Life can be confusing and society doesn’t always seem helpful.  Pressures all around us.

We don’t feel safe to give ourselves room, to ask, and reflect on whether what we practice makes sense to ourselves within our culture.

Everyone is more than welcome to reply to any of the blog posts to express their opinions, thoughts and comments.


Kevin A. Sam

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