Blogger Kevin Anthony Sam lives on the west coast of British Columbia with his wife and daughter. He enjoys cycling and hiking. He recently picked up new hobbies: growing microgreens and hydroponic vegetables, and keeping small fish. He finds fulfillment in his vocation of chaplaincy, and serving God and country. Kevin worked in the financial industry before pursuing his calling into ministry. His educational accomplishments include an M.A. in theology (Acadia Divinity College), and an M.Div (Lutheran Theo. Seminary). He attended college at Univ. of Ottawa (Ottawa ON), and Regent University (Virginia Beach VA). He may be contacted by email: LibertyCulture [at] Mailo [dot] com

Why I blog

Some people are serious bloggers and do it for money and some people blog for fun. I’m in the second camp. Blogging is both a craft and hobby. It forces me to think more deeply. My writing comes from my personal reading time or my intake of daily news with a range of topics from current events, economics, politics, faith and spirituality. I will aim to integrate my Christian faith and values with my reflections on life, society and culture; and to express them on a blog has been liberating for me.

It’s hard to make sense out of a confusing world full of uncertainties. Blogging helps me put some of the pieces together and figure things out. Making sense of faith isn’t always easy, especially when we don’t feel we have much faith. On my good days when I get inspiration, my faith and spirituality just seems to mesh with daily life and culture. That’s my favorite moment to blog.

If any of my posts speak to you in some way, you’re welcome to leave a comment at the end of each post. You may email me (above), but please no spam.

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