Calling to ministry

If I may continue in the vein of calling. When people look to hire someone brand new straight out of school. People go for an interview. They might first look at their resume. Maybe where did they go to school? What program they studied? Maybe their marks and experience. What they accomplished in school and in their work experience. Then we look at their outward appearance. Are they sloppy, sharp? Do they relate to people well? Do they stand up under pressure? Do they have a good positive attitude toward other people, potential co-workers whom they like and don’t like? Can they get along with others? How do they handle difficult situations? Sounds like a lot of pressure when a person goes through interviews. They want to look for the best candidate.

If you weren’t the sharpest knife in the drawer… if you weren’t the best dresser… if your attitude in life wasn’t the best, well then, don’t count yourself out just yet. There is something more that God is looking at. That is one’s purpose and calling from God.

When I look back into my life, I have noticed certain people that I have gotten to know. They’ve influenced my life for the better. In a different way, that might have been God’s calling on that person because there was a time and place and person who was supposed to do something or say something to a particular person.

When you look back in your own lives, you might be able to remember that God has put certain people in your life. Maybe without them, you would not have experienced a blessing, or have been able to learn or do something without the influence of that particular person.

In your life, God may call you for a specific purpose. You might ask yourself: “Can God actually use a person like me? When God chooses and anoints a person for a specific task, there’s no way of getting around God’s calling. If God can call a shepherd boy like David, God can call anyone.

May we be open to hearing the voice of God in our lives. Maybe God may choose you and anoint you to serve in a different way at some point in your future?

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