Jesus’ feeding of 5,000: There’s more where it came from

People followed Jesus wherever he went. Jesus fed 5,000 followers and gave them bread from heaven. It was a real miracle. This gave people a reason to follow him. After the crowd realized that Jesus was no longer there to provide them with food, the crowd follows him to Capernaum. They got a taste of food in the flesh but they thought Jesus could somehow provide more. They were hungry. They had come to satisfy their want for temporal earthly needs. But Jesus knew that they needed more – something deeper than just the physical.

Next day, he began to teach his disciples about himself being the living bread from heaven. Jesus used this miraculous feeding of the bread from heaven and began to teach them that there is something that can feed them permanently.

There is food, a spiritual food, that can feed them in such a way that they would never go hungry again. There’s more where it came from, and they would never thirst again.

He taught them by using an analogy. He takes them back to the Old Testament days when their ancestors were hungry and and were wandering in the wilderness. He taught that God gave us manna from heaven. He reminded the people that Moses and their ancestors had once eaten manna from heaven but they went hungry again (read v.31). There’s a lot more where it came from.

So Jesus compares this to what God can give today. This same bread is Jesus himself. God has sent Jesus from heaven in the form of a man and God. One who is living and breathing; made of flesh and blood. And is yet real live bread. That whoever believes and eats of him spiritually will not perish.

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