When there’s no good reason for our troubles

Image: Courtesy of The Jewish Museum
“Job and His Three Friends,” by 19th-century French painter Jacques Joseph (James) Tissot.

We have different enemies in our lives at different times in our lives. Some might be people who hate us. Some might be situations like sickness or even death. Some might be financial pressures. Some might be bullying and facing threats from toxic people. We have different challenges in our lives.

But God hears our cries. He hears us when we call out to the Lord. God can come to our rescue not necessarily to slay our enemies. Although at times, that might seems to make most sense to us. It’s like a snap of our fingers and our enemies or difficult situations just disappear, never to be seen again. Would be nice. Ideal isn’t it.

Sometimes, God can help us to begin seeing our situation in a different light. David prayed, “Teach me your way, O Lord.” There is always something we can learn from when there is no reason for our bad things.

Seeing things in a different light can sometimes help us see into God’s mind. We don’t know if there is God’s will in our difficulties. At the time, there might be no good reasons for our troubles. Sometimes, it’s just pure tragedy and things just don’t make any sense. And what we lose can be permanent and will never be restored. Sometimes, we get through it all and come out better. Each person’s situation ends up different.

When there isn’t any reason for all the things that happen in our lives, in the end, God can shape us through these things. God can teach us through it all. God wants us all to remain faithful to him wherever we are.

Ending self-reliance

I’ve been deceived into trusting in my own strengths. We need to seek God and humble ourselves under a Sovereign God. When we are in those anxious moments, and I’ve had my share of them, I need to come to repentance, to come to the realization of my own sin of self-reliance. I’ve hit my head against a brick wall many times. I can be stubborn, yes, stubborn.

God’s word through his Holy Spirit reminds me of the cross and of Jesus’ redemption for the forgiveness of my sins, he renews my confidence to continue trusting in God and his Son Jesus. His grace is sufficient and his power to turn us from ourselves is what saves us. Our victory is not of our own but it is of God.

What’s the Church good for?

The Church is the body of Christ. We also need each other. We need one another to walk with each other. It’s a big help when others can help carry our burdens. This is what the body of Christ can do to help one another.

We need our fellow brothers and sisters in Christ, and family and friends to support us. Some people in this world have no one. No support whatsoever, and that’s tragic. The church on earth is made up of human beings who are weak. We are limited. And even we as followers of Christ, we ourselves will fail others who need us.

Feeling alone? Turn to God

At times in our lives when we feel that no one is there for us and we are left all alone, it’s easy to lose hope. We think and believe that no one cares, maybe no one even knows about the trouble we’re in. We feel we’ve been forgotten about.

King David said in Psalm 27:9, “Your face, Lord, do I seek. Do not hide your face from me. Do no turn your servant away in anger; do not cast me off, do not forsake me, O God of my salvation.” Psalm 27 shows the honesty in David’s heart. He felt abandoned, forgotten, perhaps doubted himself to the point of thinking he should just end it.

When we are in our most desperate moments and have no more solutions, we tend to think up solutions. Problem solving is good. But when our own problem solving isn’t really in line with God’s will, we can easily get ourselves into a bigger mess. We resort to our own human solutions and these might involve hurting others and creating more problems, even bigger problems.

When we are overwhelmed and see no way out of our desperate situation, we feel like we are going crazy. Some turn to distractions to get our minds off their desperate situation. Some turn to alcohol, drugs, pornography, even shopping buying things they don’t have money for. Turning to these things don’t actually solve the problem. They usually compound the problems and make it worse.

Sometimes, the last thing people turn to is God. But when we do turn to God, he calls us to put our trust and confidence in the Lord. But if we realize that our human solutions are in need and we humble ourselves and pray, God in His sovereignty can intervene miraculously in our lives and in the lives of others to bring a God-centred solution.

One needs faith to believe in God

I’ve heard some people say they no longer believe in God. They say they’ve lost faith. Well, people can lose faith in other people, or lose faith in themselves. If their belief in God depends on their faith in people, well then, people will be sure to fail you.

So what gives? Should be pin our hopes and faith in people or in God alone? I’d rather pin my hope on God alone; but how does one have faith?

Hebrews 11:1 says, “Now faith is confidence in what we hope for and assurance about what we do not see.”

In order for us to believe by faith, God reveals himself to us, but not necessarily in ways that are visible to the naked eye. Sometimes, as Christians, we get told that we must simply believe what’s on the written page of the bible. But we also need to realize that the reason why we should believe is because God has revealed something to us personally. God’s revelation is what gives us our source of hope.

Revelation is not an objective thing; it is something that actually happens in your life. Revelation is a concrete knowledge of God. It’s not just an abstract thought. And this is initiated by the sovereign God. So what every Christian needs is a revelation from God.

To believe in God requires that God must reveal something real and personal to us. It must be something that we know for certain. Then, it’s faith.

How does faith start? Faith is started through God’s word of promise, faith will rise up, and grow in strength, then faith becomes something you believe in…like it grabs a hold of something.

Example: It’s like when there’s nothing to grab hold of, it’s like grabbing empty air. Faith also needs something of substance to grab hold of. That something is God’s personal revelation to us, to you and I. In order for God’s promise to be real, God must reveal his words of promise to each of us personally. So that you will have something substantial to grab a hold of and believe. Pray that the Holy Spirit would give us faith to believe in God’s words of Promise.