Disney and the new ideology

We already live in world where society is filled with confusion, death, sickness, war, and harsher realities of this world. Walt Disney created a make-believe world where children can escape these realities for a few brief moments. It’s a fantasy world where children can dream of a place in their lives where there is peace, love, and happiness.

Mr. Walt Disney was a Christian man. He grew up in a Congregationalist church. His father, Mr Elias Disney, was an ardent believer of Christ and faithfully attended church every Sunday. He even named his son after his pastor, Reverend Walter Parr; thus we have “Walter Disney.” (See link on the history of his religious upbringing below).

Walt Disney said, “I believe firmly in the efficacy of religion, in its powerful influence on a person’s whole life. It helps immeasurably to meet the storms and stress of life and keep you attuned to the Divine inspiration. Without inspiration, we would perish.”

Today, we still need new Walt Disneys in our world. We need dreamers who can dream dreams to give people inspiration and hope. Christianity has given people the fruits of the Spirit where we see a small taste of heaven on earth. Mr. Walter Disney was able to inculcate his dreams. He shared his gifts through a creative world of books and films.

Society largely trusted and valued the vision of Walt Disney. If Mr. Walter Disney could see what has happened to Disney today, he might be very surprised. The innocence of a kid’s world has been taken over by some of vain imaginings of its new influencers. Disney has changed the way boys and girls are addressed, or rather, not addressed. They’re saying we should no longer call boys and girls “boys and girls” because it might cause some confusion about who they are. You’d think that boys would prefer to be called “boys,” and girls, “girls.”

Many families do not agree with this woke ideology–and neither do many Disney employees. Families have been betrayed by the new woke ideology. It has seeped into even how children are addressed in Disney. Even classical liberals and Democrats believe they’ve gone too far.

When one loses society’s confidence, then you’ve lost. Today, Disney is in danger of losing it all. If Walter Disney and his father were alive today, they would not approve of all this wokeness. He would be sad seeing how this corporation has plummeted from his original intent and visionary inspiration.

Parents once had the confidence in the creation of Mr. Walt Disney, but its new influencers have betrayed Disney. The credibility Mr. Walter Disney had built-up through previous decades has now depreciated. Today’s new Disney has failed in its fiduciary duties to uphold Walt’s vision and values.

In our world where there is war, starvation, sickness and death, we still desperately need inspiration from God our Divine Creator. We need vision because “where there is no vision, the people perish” (Proverbs 29:18). This verse is talking about keeping instructions. It continues, “…but happy is he who keeps the law.” The instructions laid out in scripture are still good for us as people. If we neglect what God has given humanity, then we’ve “cast off restraint” or “run wild” (ESV, NLT). We need to stay on a path that has been instructed by nature, and nature’s God. Taking woke ideology to the extreme is something like “casting off restraint” or “running wild.”

A world so encharmed with wholesomeness, love, peace, and happiness has been overtaken by new influencers who have bought into woke ideology. It needs a new leadership to turn this ship around and return to its original intent and vision.

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