What’s good about Good Friday?

What’s good about Good Friday? It commemorates the day when Jesus was crucified on the cross. During the days of the Roman Empire, crucifixion was the method of death penalty. Criminals were flogged and then crucified on a cross. It was a very painful way to die. They would die slowly of asphyxiation. It was more painful than the electric chair, the gas chamber, or the guillotine.

Knowing this, the cross then actually represented a symbol of shame and guilt. Only criminals died by crucifixion. Jesus was not given a fair trial. He was sent to his death. It was unfair and unjustified. The cross is symbol of torture, shame and guilt. It is also now a religious symbol. We carry it with a sense of pride because there’s a very important message behind the cross.

All though we deserve death and the punishment of hell, we will receive something much better. By placing our faith in Jesus, our lives and our souls are destined belong to God for eternity. We have been made a part of God’s holy family. God has rescued us from hell, and invited us into his holy family. We now belong to God. Yes, we belong to the loving and compassionate heart of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. That truly makes it a good Friday.

Our sins were left to die on that cross, never to be remembered again by our heavenly Father. God would prove to the world that He has the power to forgive sins and to resurrect Jesus and his followers from the dead. That special day would on the third day which we commemorate as Easter or Resurrection Sunday.

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