Illegal crossings at one million

I heard about the southern border crisis (U.S.-Mexico). It’s bad–really bad. I just saw this video on Rumble by vlogger Savannah Hernandez (good job on this vid and going out there to get the scoop directly!) Her You…tube channel got banned for speaking the truth. We should support vloggers like her because she speaks the truth. Censorship is never a good thing. Anyway…

It’s already up a million crossings a year. Unbelievable! The Biden Administration and Democratic left are denying this migrant crisis exists and they’re treating this like it doesn’t exist.

If this were happening in any other country, it would be front page headlines. Shows the extent in how the propagandist woke-legacy media has been corrupted by globalist heads.

If the economy is already bad and inflation is already at record highs, imagine what illegal immigation is going to do the American economy.

Back in January 2019 when I blogged about this before here, I thought 250,000-360,000 was bad, now it’s already over 1,000,000.

How can this be? How is this even possible?

Local residents in border towns are at risk of having violent run-ins with illegal aliens. They are in need of money, food, and shelter. If they can’t get what they need, there’s potential of them raising havoc in peaceful communities.

As I stated in my previous post on the border wall, I am not against immigration. My parents immigrated legally. I am a child of immigrants. But I am realistic about the risks inherent in illegal immigration. I believe immigration must always be done legally and systematically because immigrants need jobs. Citizens also need stability. I know I’m not alone on this.

May we pray for peace and security in the lives of naturalized citizens living in border towns. May we also pray for peace and security in the lives of illegal migrants. May God’s will be done in their lives. I do not know what that will hold for them.

2 thoughts on “Illegal crossings at one million

  1. Hey zibroweed. You’re right. They’ll probably try to keep up the buses. Sending them to other states and DC benefits their own because it relieves the financial pressure on the state they enter from.


  2. I wonder if they’ll keep up the free bus trips to Washington. I’m afraid that’s the only way politicians are likely to pay any attention is if their own families have to face the reality what it means to have no process.


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