Pt. 2: Inside the head of Vladimir Putin: Recent speech

My commentary in this post is based on a very recent speech by President Putin on 16 March 2022. He spoke about biological weapons and threats including experimental coronavirus strains and nuclear weapons being created in Ukraine in close proximity to Russia. Diplomatic means to settle these problems were exhausted so they had no peaceful alternative. Putin said this forced Russia to start the special military operation.

This has not been confirmed. Western mainstream news is not saying much except several external news sources here and here.

From what Putin said in this speech, he seems very rational and has a calculated approach. He claims his goal is not to occupy Ukraine. He said the Nazis in Ukraine were cleansing the Donbass / Donetsk area killing over 14,000 innocent people including elderly and young people.

Yes, it is tragic that Putin’s military has also killed thousands of innocent civilians and displaced over three million people. But how many ethnic people have Ukrainian Nazi Azov Batallion killed? We don’t have numbers. Azov is an active group training even children to become Nazi youths here on Guardian and here on DW and here on BBC. This should not be tolerated, even if Ukraine is under attack. It was hypocritical of Facebook to allow them while censoring peaceful Canadian truckers protesters.

He said the U.S./European news media completely censored Ukraine’s attack upon its own people and called them hypocrites. He named this as “moral degradation and complete dehumanization.” He could no longer tolerate Ukraine’s outrageous attitude towards the people of Donbass and had to put a stop to this genocide. His attack was a response to republics’ request for aid.

If this is all true about the western media completely censoring the information we receive in the west, censorship is still censorship and should not have a place in free society. And if the Nazis are killing and displacing this many people in Ukraine, the media are just as guilty as the Nazi’s and the Ukrainians government’s support of the Nazi’s ethnic cleansing.

President Putin also addressed the west increased inflation is not the fault of Russia’s attack but have been caused by the ruling elites in the west. He blames the western welfare society and brings up the widening gap between rich and poor, and the racial/ethnic conflicts happening in the west. Putin warns about greedy elites who print money and convert them to real assets, which further destroys and weakens the market. He is right. Hyper-inflation in America is now here (PBS) and here and here and here and it’s scary what the elites are doing to manipulate the dollar.

Putin also addressed domestic economy, supply and demand, goods/products, infrastructure, transport, etc. He asked suppliers to increase production in order to meet demand and minimize price increase. I feel he has a good handle on the economy of Russia and understands the importance of domestic production.

If Putin is speaking the truth here, his speech has given me a more positive opinion toward him. Exclude his attack on Ukraine, he is a credible political leader. He has strong sense of what Russia needs, and is focused on how to move Russia forward. He can rally the people behind him and garner their trust. I can see why he is popular with the Russian people.

Putin’s speech: Socioeconomic Strategy, on 16 March 2022.

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