Putin’s concern: NATO expansion eastward

Map of gradual expansion of NATO into former Soviet countries

So what motivated Vladimir Putin to attack Ukraine in the first place? NATO expansion.

Why is our western media only telling us how evil Putin is, and saying nothing about why Putin might be attacking Ukraine? Is there an untold story behind Putin’s attack? The media is inept and only wants to tell the one-sided story.

Our immediate knee-jerk reaction to this crisis seems to be: “If Putin was the least bit ethical, he would not have attacked Ukraine.” Knowing he was the first to attack a sovereign nation, we are pinning all the blame and guilt on him. This is how we’ve been taught to react.

But don’t get me wrong. We’ve seen images of absolute chaos and destruction. Building have been bombed inside-out. Millions of innocent people have been driven out of the country. If Putin has any legitimate concerns, why should we be listening to any of his concerns now (considering the damage he wreaked on Ukraine).

We in the west are behaving like the jury and judge, and the jury and judge has already come to a decision before a fair trial has begun. If we can get past our heated emotions, there might be another side to this story that has not been discussed.

Was there already something brewing in the background that’s been covered up by news media outlets? Yes. NATO’s gradual and constant expansion eastward.

Country by country, NATO has been expanding into Russia’s former annexed states (despite NATO’s promise to USSR’s Mikhail Gorbachev to not expand).

For decades, Russia was being backed into a corner. Russia has been seeing this expansion as a constant threat and Ukraine was the last straw that broke the camel’s back.

As NATO kept expanding into the former soviet countries, the influence of the United States was gaining momentum. So does the United States also have any responsibility and blame leading up to this?

President Trump had talked about pulling the United States out of NATO. Given what has happened, he was right. Policy-makers have debated the usefulness of NATO in a post-Soviet world. Some have considered disbanding NATO altogether.

This explains the gradual change in Putin’s attitude toward the west.Putin does have real concerns but the west has been ignoring this for decades.

Perhaps it’s about time we consider Putin and Russia’s concern about NATO expansion. We don’t want this crisis escalated into a world war.

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