That unsightly zit

We wonder about how people in this world can inflict such pain on others. We wonder about how evil can exist in this world. Think of the most evil person in the world. We point out the evil and call it out and name it. It’s especially horrifying when evil is done to us.

Truth is, we also do harm against our friends, family, neighbors and co-workers. The harm done is just more apparent when it’s others doing it to us.

This sickness called ‘original sin’ begins as microscopic viruses–invisible. We don’t know we have it we’ve been infected. Eventually shows up. When others point out our wart or zit, we are embarrassed. When it comes out, it’s rather ugly. We try to cover it up. We might even go as far as turning our face the other way, wearing a ball cap or shades. Anything to hide the unsightly zit.

Sin is like this too. When it comes out, it’s unsightly. It shows in how we mistreat other people. We don’t even know why it happens, but it happens. The Apostle Paul said in Romans 7:15, “For I do not understand my own actions. For I do not do what I want, but I do the very thing I hate.”

This spiritual sickness in the human race leaves no one untouched. It describes who we are, not only as human beings, but also as redeemed Christian people. It explains why we as Christians still sin. There is no sin we are incapable of committing as human beings. Some call it total depravity. We cannot escape its grip and only Jesus can release us from it.

Jesus, thank you for forgiving me of my sins. Release us from this grip. Help me forgive people in this world who have hurt me. Give me strength to bless them because I cannot do it on my own. I’m incapable of forgiveness but with your help, I can. I want to walk in your paths of righteousness, holiness, and experience your peace, joy and love. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

Good guys vs bad guys

It has been one month since we have been glued to the tube seeing pictures of destruction in Ukraine. The news media is very much preoccupied with the morality of the war. They are making us see this war as morally one-sided–as a black and white issue. Ukraine are the good guys, and Russia are the bad guys. Putin is pure evil incarnate, and Zelensky is the courageous hero who can do no wrong.

I’m reminded about a couple who broke up during college. All the guys sided with their guy friend, but no one sided with the girl. In reality, neither were right. Both were in the wrong, and everyone knew it. The truly sad thing was that there was also a baby involved. The girl ended up having the baby and raising it on her own. This break-up was a big emotional disaster for the friends who observed this whole thing transpire.

How could something like this happen? She didn’t have any friends around her who could defend her and take her side. It was a bad situation filled with guilt and shame for both parties. You might know of a similar break-up scenario where someone was wronged and no one is truly innocent.

The ‘guy’ here is like Zelensky, and the ‘girl’ here is like Putin. In this war, the west is siding with Zelensky, and Putin is friendless, deserted, and labeled the guilty party. In reality, both parties were wrong. No one is innocent here. But the west has everyone cheering for Zelensky. The ‘baby’ involved here are the innocent Ukrainian refugees who were bombed-out and forced to flee their homes.

This Ukrainian-Russia geopolitical tussle is nothing new. It also happened back in 2014. Not as many cared or paid attention, but 14,000 lives were lost. When Crimea was attacked and annexed by Russia, there was no media frenzy. It just reported on the story, and was just a short blip.

What’s different this time is the west has been driven into a frenzy. We are being told a different ‘truth.’ Take note. Our public emotions are being whipped into a frenzy such that even non-Ukrainian citizens are now willing to go fight and die for Ukraine. This tells me something is awry about this story.

More truth is slowly leaking out. There is financial corruption in Ukraine. Zelensky is also an authoritarian, and has condoned violence toward ethnic people in his own country of Ukraine. This is troubling. Must do your research. Don’t depend on what the legacy media is force-feeding you through the major networks. After the ‘lights have been turned on,’ you’ll never see the media the same way again.

The western news media is being told to focus on this story. There is a plan to use Ukraine as a new starting point to trigger a great reset to help usher in a new world order. Pay attention after this story has fulfilled its purpose, there will be much bigger changes in the world economic and political landscape. New political economies will emerge from this. There will be cataclysmic changes in how we do business, in how we buy and sell, and in how we deal with money, and much more.

How this story is being spun is intentional. Seems this war was also intentional. It’s almost like they planned to the have the actor-turned-politician, who played the part of president of Ukraine on his show, to later become the real president of Ukraine only several years later.

The pieces are already set in place. Keep your eyes peeled. The kabal-ball in rolling, and something is coming down the pike.

The human condition: infection of original sin – Luke 18:9-14

As people, we want to believe that humans are innately good and born pure. We prefer to imagine ourselves far away from the sins that only the worst of sinners commit. The more heinous the sin, the more we distance ourselves from these sins.

We do this all the time. Ever catch yourself outspokenly critical of bad people? You know, those ‘others’ who commit the big crimes. It’s almost like we intentionally and publicly display our hatred of sin in order to prove to others (and even to ourselves) that we are unlike those ‘bad sinners.’

Making contrast-comparisons doesn’t makes us any less of a sinner, nor any better of a Christian. Sometimes, we fall into a mode of being critical of others, and at other times, being judgmental. We hide our self-righteousness behind a veneer of righteousness.

Pharisee and the tax collector

Jesus told a story or parable about a pharisee and a publican:

Jesus told this parable to certain people who had convinced themselves that they were righteous and who looked on everyone else with disgust: 10 “Two people went up to the temple to pray. One was a Pharisee and the other a tax collector. 11 The Pharisee stood and prayed about himself with these words, ‘God, I thank you that I’m not like everyone else—crooks, evildoers, adulterers—or even like this tax collector12 I fast twice a week. I give a tenth of everything I receive.’ 13 But the tax collector stood at a distance. He wouldn’t even lift his eyes to look toward heaven. Rather, he struck his chest and said, ‘God, show mercy to me, a sinner.’ 14 I tell you, this person went down to his home justified rather than the Pharisee. All who lift themselves up will be brought low, and those who make themselves low will be lifted up.”

Gospel of Luke, chapter 18, verses 9-14, Holy Bible (Common English Bible)

Each person, has been impacted by a sickness at birth. This sickness has impacted even our ability to make decisions. The only way out is to depend on God’s grace and mercy.

By placing ourselves in a lower position, we can see ourselves for who we really are–as both a saint and a sinner at the same time. As Christians we are simultaneously redeemed and yet still sinful. Until that final day when the Lord Jesus returns to earth, we will become fully redeemed. In the mean time, we are still bound by original sin.

The cure: God has provided us a cure from this infection of original sin through a spiritual rebirth and renewal in the Holy Spirit. This is made possible only through faith or believing in Jesus who died on the cross for the forgiveness of our sins. By believing this (through faith alone) we are made holy (or sanctified) and righteous through the washing of God’s word as we repent each day. Though I am weak, it is God who strengthens me each day.

School-yard bully vs victim-kid

I’ve been blogging on Russian-Ukraine every day, too many days, this past week. This is my last post, I promise, I hope…okay no promises. Anyway, more to say here about Zelensky now.

Ukraine had been pushing for NATO membership. Shouldn’t Zelensky have known better? He knew. His mistake was that he expected the west to cover him, regardless. He thought wrong and miscalculated the west. He wanted NATO membership for Ukraine, and pushed for it, despite knowing Putin and Russia’s dislike for it. Hey, it was no secret that Russia loudly disapproved of NATO expansion. There was a verbal promise made to the USSR when it collapsed into Russia and the former soviet-block countries.

Regarding NATO expansion, Putin said, “Our mistake was that we trusted you too much; and your mistake was that you tried to take advantage of that.” He certainly knows who to blame.

Now, in the last several days, we hear about Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelensky putting on the table an offer to refrain from seeking NATO membership. Well, it’s kind of late don’t you think?

Russia is bombing the heck out of Ukraine and now he’s thinking about not seeking NATO membership?! What was he thinking?! Zelensky must have known what he was doing.

I compare this to the school-yard bully who demanded the kid-victim to bring his lunch and to include his favorite drink. But the next day the kid decides to not bring his usually tasty lunch (corned beef sandwich) but instead brings the bully’s least favorite lunch (carrot sticks & broccolli) along with the most sour drink in the world. So the bully gets angry at the kid-victim, then beats the living daylights out of him. That’s Putin and Zelensky.

If NATO membership had not been sought in the first place, we might not have seen the year-long Russian military build-up around Ukraine that led up to this disaster. Putin is brutal, and poking the bear was the most foolish move. Zelensky under-estimated the bear.

I know. Sounds like I’m blaming Zelensky. I’m not. Trust me. When a kid is being bullied at school, the dumbest thing to do is to tick off the bully when you don’t have any friends to back you up.

A smart kid will first put his ducks in a row. Line up his friends to defend him; then let the bully have it, right where it counts. That’s what Zelensky should’ve done. Can’t blame a comedian-turned-politician. He’s not the most astute politician, but he is a good actor.

Too late now. So where do we go from here? Don’t have an answer; but I do know that no one wants a World War III.

Putin Doctrine – It’s about national security

President Vladimir Putin addresses the nation at the Kremlin in Moscow (Feb. 24 2022)

Great nations have risen and fallen. Some nations since ancient times were called Assyria, Babylon, and later, Rome. They had risen and fallen. Nations do not stay great forever. Russia was formerly a great nation under its Soviet Communist system. Political leaders can become nostalgic but when reality sets in, they will be reminded that history will remain history.

The Putin Doctrine: This is a theory that puts forth the idea that Putin wants to restore today’s Russia back to its old glory days to have its rightful place in the world (but without the communism and Bolshevik oppression). Since the downfall of Soviet Russia and its collapse, Russia’s aura has waned. Political hacks and journalists have written lots of articles, blog posts and books (e.g., here) about this Putin Doctrine. He is patriotic and loves his country, but I’m not so convinced he’s that nostalgic and focused on restoring glory. I believe it has more to do with national security.

Putin said in 2005: “The greatest geopolitical catastrophe of the century was the dissolution of the Soviet Union.” Angela Stent said this of the doctrine:

The core element of this doctrine is getting the West to treat Russia as if it were the Soviet Union, a power to be respected and feared, with special rights in its neighborhood and a voice in every serious international matter. The doctrine holds that only a few states should have this kind of authority, along with complete sovereignty, and that others must bow to their wishes. It entails defending incumbent authoritarian regimes and undermining democracies. And the doctrine is tied together by Putin’s overarching aim: reversing the consequences of the Soviet collapse, splitting the transatlantic alliance, and renegotiating the geographic settlement that ended the Cold War.

Angela Stent, Foreign Affairs.

It’s about National Security: Despite what the west thinks of Russia, Russia sees itself as a target of the West. Putin has a case for protecting Russia from being attacked by the West and is based on real historical concerns. Stent continues stating: “Russia, after all, has been repeatedly invaded from the West. In the twentieth century, it was invaded by anti-Bolshevik allied forces, including some from the United States, during its civil war from 1917 to 1922. Germany invaded twice, leading to the loss of 26 million Soviet citizens in World War II.”

Putin is primarily concerned about Russia’s security–not about a land grab of Ukraine for his own glory. We should take Putin at his word because he did do what he said he was going to do, due to NATO’s eastward expansion. Putin is making his case clear. He will remind the west that it has reneged on its promises it made when the Soviet Union was dissolved to end the cold war.

Putin doesn’t care about what the west thinks about him. He sees through the fake news and propaganda from the west. Putin continues to move, walk and talk with a strong sense of self-confidence in his beliefs and in the actions he has taken thus far in order to protect Russia’s national security.

Pt. 2: Inside the head of Vladimir Putin: Recent speech

My commentary in this post is based on a very recent speech by President Putin on 16 March 2022. He spoke about biological weapons and threats including experimental coronavirus strains and nuclear weapons being created in Ukraine in close proximity to Russia. Diplomatic means to settle these problems were exhausted so they had no peaceful alternative. Putin said this forced Russia to start the special military operation.

This has not been confirmed. Western mainstream news is not saying much except several external news sources here and here.

From what Putin said in this speech, he seems very rational and has a calculated approach. He claims his goal is not to occupy Ukraine. He said the Nazis in Ukraine were cleansing the Donbass / Donetsk area killing over 14,000 innocent people including elderly and young people.

Yes, it is tragic that Putin’s military has also killed thousands of innocent civilians and displaced over three million people. But how many ethnic people have Ukrainian Nazi Azov Batallion killed? We don’t have numbers. Azov is an active group training even children to become Nazi youths here on Guardian and here on DW and here on BBC. This should not be tolerated, even if Ukraine is under attack. It was hypocritical of Facebook to allow them while censoring peaceful Canadian truckers protesters.

He said the U.S./European news media completely censored Ukraine’s attack upon its own people and called them hypocrites. He named this as “moral degradation and complete dehumanization.” He could no longer tolerate Ukraine’s outrageous attitude towards the people of Donbass and had to put a stop to this genocide. His attack was a response to republics’ request for aid.

If this is all true about the western media completely censoring the information we receive in the west, censorship is still censorship and should not have a place in free society. And if the Nazis are killing and displacing this many people in Ukraine, the media are just as guilty as the Nazi’s and the Ukrainians government’s support of the Nazi’s ethnic cleansing.

President Putin also addressed the west increased inflation is not the fault of Russia’s attack but have been caused by the ruling elites in the west. He blames the western welfare society and brings up the widening gap between rich and poor, and the racial/ethnic conflicts happening in the west. Putin warns about greedy elites who print money and convert them to real assets, which further destroys and weakens the market. He is right. Hyper-inflation in America is now here (PBS) and here and here and here and it’s scary what the elites are doing to manipulate the dollar.

Putin also addressed domestic economy, supply and demand, goods/products, infrastructure, transport, etc. He asked suppliers to increase production in order to meet demand and minimize price increase. I feel he has a good handle on the economy of Russia and understands the importance of domestic production.

If Putin is speaking the truth here, his speech has given me a more positive opinion toward him. Exclude his attack on Ukraine, he is a credible political leader. He has strong sense of what Russia needs, and is focused on how to move Russia forward. He can rally the people behind him and garner their trust. I can see why he is popular with the Russian people.

Putin’s speech: Socioeconomic Strategy, on 16 March 2022.

Putin’s concern: NATO expansion eastward

Map of gradual expansion of NATO into former Soviet countries

So what motivated Vladimir Putin to attack Ukraine in the first place? NATO expansion.

Why is our western media only telling us how evil Putin is, and saying nothing about why Putin might be attacking Ukraine? Is there an untold story behind Putin’s attack? The media is inept and only wants to tell the one-sided story.

Our immediate knee-jerk reaction to this crisis seems to be: “If Putin was the least bit ethical, he would not have attacked Ukraine.” Knowing he was the first to attack a sovereign nation, we are pinning all the blame and guilt on him. This is how we’ve been taught to react.

But don’t get me wrong. We’ve seen images of absolute chaos and destruction. Building have been bombed inside-out. Millions of innocent people have been driven out of the country. If Putin has any legitimate concerns, why should we be listening to any of his concerns now (considering the damage he wreaked on Ukraine).

We in the west are behaving like the jury and judge, and the jury and judge has already come to a decision before a fair trial has begun. If we can get past our heated emotions, there might be another side to this story that has not been discussed.

Was there already something brewing in the background that’s been covered up by news media outlets? Yes. NATO’s gradual and constant expansion eastward.

Country by country, NATO has been expanding into Russia’s former annexed states (despite NATO’s promise to USSR’s Mikhail Gorbachev to not expand).

For decades, Russia was being backed into a corner. Russia has been seeing this expansion as a constant threat and Ukraine was the last straw that broke the camel’s back.

As NATO kept expanding into the former soviet countries, the influence of the United States was gaining momentum. So does the United States also have any responsibility and blame leading up to this?

President Trump had talked about pulling the United States out of NATO. Given what has happened, he was right. Policy-makers have debated the usefulness of NATO in a post-Soviet world. Some have considered disbanding NATO altogether.

This explains the gradual change in Putin’s attitude toward the west.Putin does have real concerns but the west has been ignoring this for decades.

Perhaps it’s about time we consider Putin and Russia’s concern about NATO expansion. We don’t want this crisis escalated into a world war.

Why did Putin attack Ukraine anyway?

I want to reinforce that I do not support this war. The world cannot afford to be forced into another catastrophic world war. The world has been horrified by Putin’s attack on Ukraine and we all hope it comes to an end soon. I pray that God will look after the Ukrainian people who have been so very hurt by this war, and for the three million displaced refugees who have lost their homes and fled their country.

Despite all the wrong that’s been caused, I am feeling that we haven’t made a genuine effort to try to understand Putin better. It’s very convenient to label him as pure evil because he was the first offender who attacked a sovereign nation. What he did was wrong. The first offender is usually seen as the guilty one, and everyone hates the guilty offender. As a result, we want to bomb the bejesus out of Putin and the Russian army, and to let him off the hook would be a betrayal of democratic sensibilities.

However, what I have not heard much about in public conversation is a genuine inquiry into Putin’s reason for his attack on Ukraine. I mean: “What does Vladimir Putin really want?” and most importantly, “Why did he do this?”

The issues behind this war might be very complicated, perhaps more complex than it looks. I don’t think this is a simple black and white issue; nor is it a straight-forward good versus evil issue (as it has been portrayed by the media). Good is often mixed with evil with lots of gray areas.

What aren’t we investigating more in depth the reason for Putin’s attack on Ukraine? It might be a key to solving this crisis. From his perspective, did he actually have good reasons for his offensive? Security? Or was it simply a land-grab? Or might there have been other reasons? Are we missing something here?

Pt. 1 links: Inside the head of Vladimir Putin

Just as people read biographies on world leaders, I find value in trying to better understand this Russian leader outside of our own assumptions, prejudices and being driven by emotions. As a human being, Putin has strengths, weaknesses, values and fears. He has interesting opinions on life, NATO, accusations of Russian interference, etc. Perhaps a better understanding of Putin can provide insights into his intentions and motivations.