We need hope–not violence and hate

This whole time has been a depressing time in the United States. The depression created by Covid-19 /Coronavirus has already made things very hard on everyone. Then now there’s:

  • Looting and destruction by terrorists we know as Antifa and the left-wing media.
    • Brutal attacks on police officers who are upholders of the law.
    • Racism, racial injustice, and unfair treatment of people.
    • Massive unemployment.
    • Loss of business and economic depression and recession.
    • Closure of small businesses that are already suffering and who poured their savings, sweat and tears to make a living.
    • Liberal Democrats who directly targeted and framing Gen. Michael Flynn to make up a story of Russian collusion. Turns out it was all a hoax.
    • The corruption of the FBI and James Comey, Sally Yates, and politicians like Rep (D-CA) Adam Schiff.
    • Liberal mainstream media unfairly attacking leaders, namely on President Trump who is doing his best. Turns out he is innocent, but he isn’t perfect. Who is?
    • Gov. Cuoma and de Blasio not speaking truth against Antifa. Shameful.

Truth is not being told. Truth is being stifled by the media and hidden. This has greatly harmed the peoples’ trust in institutions.

I understand the struggles on everyone. It is easy to blame people we don’t agree with. This is a time when we need hope. We cannot have hope in the systems of the world. Hope comes from the Lord God. We need true repentance, confession, and forgiveness.

I know it is easy to lose faith when people get violent, and when people make mistakes. There are lots of wrong going on right now. There is no hope in violence and the brutality of Antifa. It gets our world no where but makes it worse.

The mainstream media is responsible for misinformation and encouraging blame on our leaders. We need to work together to stand united, even with those we don’t agree with.

It is sad when political leaders like Pelosi and Schumer continuously bash on Republicans and President Trump when he is going his best to create a better country. AOC is not helping because she is secretly applauding Antifa. Let’s stop the non-sense and start listening to each other so that there is hope for some cooperation.

Religious leaders and clergy also need to come together and pray for our world. The Episcopal Bishop criticizing Trump for signing protections of religious liberties at the historic St John’s Church was dispicable and shameful. Every person has religious liberties and we need to continue to protect these liberties without being judgmental against worshipers.

We also want to see justice for George Floyd. We also want peace.

2 thoughts on “We need hope–not violence and hate

  1. I so agree with everything you’ve written! Thank you for speaking truth through your writing! Keep it up! Because it will only get worse if we let fear cause us to stay silent!


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