Truth prevails – President Trump is acquitted

The left refuses to accept the fact that the whole impeachment trial was a sham and doomed to failure. It was based on false claims–claims that were cowardly faked via video editing.

Even though Trump’s lawyer publicly showed the doctored video clips of the left vs reality, the left-wing media still refuse to show what Trump really said (in full sentences). The leftist media have cut & edited out pieces of what he said and they expect the public to swallow their poison pill? No wonder there is growing anger toward the left. The left will not stop their hate. The national rift and division is growing.

NewsMax showed a very good comparison between the doctored version vs reality. Also check out Telegram and conservative-friendly social media to look for the full video playback of the comparison between the faked edited version of Trump vs the Trump reality. (Note, you won’t see reality on CNN and MSNBC; hence their nickname “fake news”).

What the larger American public does not know is that the mainstream media has manipulated Trump’s words and has set him up as a target. This is part of the elite’s plan to manipulate the American public to deceive millions of people. The public can no longer discern truth from fiction because the news media has been dishonest.

It is my prayer that God will intervene to open the eyes of the people.

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