Top ten things to do in self-isolation

During this time in self-isolation, I will try to not watch too much news, but still keep up with world events.  Seems like the only event going on is the coronavirus issue.

Other than working from home during the day, I’m putting together a list of my top ten things I will try to do in the evenings while in self-isolation?

1/  Play board games or puzzles with family.

2/  Plant indoor flowers and vegetables. Spring is around the corner.

3/  Fix some things around the house.

4/  Read a book I’ve always wanted to read.  Books have been collecting dust.

5/  Journal or do some writing.

6/  Do some art, paint or draw.  Something artistic that inspires me.

7/  FaceTime or call old friends or relatives.

8/  Cook a meal I’ve never tried cooking before.

9/  Plan a trip I will take after this whole COVID-19 thing has blown over. 

10/ _______ I don’t know ?????? 

I need more ideas for my 10th thing-to-do. Feel free to add some of your ideas in the comments.

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