Staying the course and staying at home

It felt eerie while driving through the city today. Everything in downtown was closed.  My favorite Starbucks was closed. Chairs and tables were stacked. My favorite Vietnamese restaurant was closed. The only stores open were grocery stores, gas stations, pharmacies, fast food joints for takeout or delivery, and hardware stores.  That’s the basic extent of what I noticed anyway. 

I finally found toilet paper at a pharmacy today.  Some places have to stay open like essential goods and services but most people are staying home. Here in Canada, we’ve begun to take it very seriously.  I know there are pockets in every city where people are still out and about.  We all need to take social distances and self-isolation more seriously and stay home.

From the start, Asian countries have been taking this pandemic extremely seriously because they lost many lives through SARS.  Today, they are ready and are already taking health precautions more seriously than Europe and North America.  Japan, Taiwan, South Korea, Singapore are testing the public with more intensity than we are in North America.

Deserted roads in Inida after Janata Curfew Photo: ANI

Asians say they feel safer in Asia than they do here in Canada. Asian nations take more precautions than we do in America, Canada and Europe. Experts are now saying that Asian nations could see a second wave of the outbreak.

State governors, provincial premiers, city mayors and civic leaders are now sending a stronger message to the public to stay home.  COVID-19 is now spreading amongst the community who have not traveled internationally.  The coronavirus is being spread by and to others who did not travel outside the country.

Today, it sounded like President Trump would like to have restrictions lifted by April. What we can draw from this is that he is concerned the coronavirus will hurt the economy and people’s jobs, savings and assets.

We all know this not the time to even consider lifting restrictions on social distancing. We need to stay the course, otherwise, we could endanger more people.

Hospitals in Italy, Iran, Spain are now in panic mode and bursting from the seams.  So we need to stay healthy and isolate ourselves at home. Don’t go outside.  Otherwise, we will be where Italy is today.  Let’s each do our part.

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