Coronavirus and racism: Where the virus came from

We need to stop the accusations about where the COVID-19 virus came from. The Communist regime of China (CCP) accused President Trump of racism because he called it a “Chinese virus.” That is shocking. They knew full well the virus originated in China. The Chinese people knew this too and were very angry at the CCP.

Seeing and hearing several mainstream media reporters parrot this accusation was disappointing. It becomes more clear each day that they’re trying to agitate the President–trying to eek out a comment to sensationalize their stories. Very disrespectfully to the office of the President IMHO.

During the White House press conference, intelligent reporters were asking good questions, while several reporters preferred to play identity politics. Several media race-baiters were trying to trap Trump by repeatedly asking him the same ignorant question, if he thinks the virus is “Chinese”. It was obvious. It came with an accusational tone. He responded boldly that it comes from China. They wanted to create a response to get a sensationalized story out of it. Very opportunistic. That’s not good reporting. Do these reporters need to educate themselves where the coronavirus originated from? Funny the Chinese people know exactly where it came from–Wuhan.

What we need is confession. Confession brings improvement. The CCP’s delay and deception have costs many thousands of lives.

Many more thousands will die in the coming months. The projected numbers are staggering and vary depending on the modellers. May God have mercy upon the nations of the world including the United States and Europe. Some are projecting this pandemic could persist for up to one year–but no one really knows at this point.

To the mainstream media: If you guys really care about justice, please speak up against China’s CCP. That would really take guts on your part. Some bloggers in China have been silenced and have even disappeared. No one knows where they are. If you are truly concerned about this, please do justice for the Chinese people who were victims of the CCP’s hideous cover-up and deception. I’d like to see more reporting on this. The world needs to know, to remember, and to learn from what went wrong so we don’t allow this to happen again.

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