Have faith and believe in each other – virus is only temporary

This Coronvirus pandemic is taking a toll in the U.S. It’s getting worst everyday. Today, New York reported its highest daily rise in deaths. The Trump administration has now recommended Americans to wear facemasks in public to reduce the community spread of the virus. I had blogged earlier that this would eventually happen and it did on the same week.  Although I hate wearing those darn things, I know that it will be safer for everyone if we wear them.  We can share everything except for viruses.  I’m sure nobody would want my germs. “No thanks” you say!

I was just thinking and feeling grateful that I still had a job.  I could just as easily be jobless right now.  If you are, I pray for those who are, that you’ll be able to get by till the next few months.  Thank God for the financial support through the government’s aid package.  May God be with you all who have lost their job or are worried of losing theirs in the near future. 

Bless the charitable organizations out there who are helping.  I know good hearted people and young people at some churches are volunteering their time to deliver groceries to seniors by dropping them off at their door.  

As a society, we have been humbled.  This virus has brought us to a point of temporary helplessness, at least within my lifetime and possibly yours too.  I don’t remember having ever experienced such low rate of social disengagement.  The positive of this might be this.  I have a friend who told me, now that he has so much more time, he can hear God’s voice more clearly.  Amazing what we can do when we have time–time to pray.  Yay!

 Here in Canada, news headline have announced a massive layoffs of tens of thousands of employees from two of our main airlines.  Major U.S. airlines like Boeing are encouraging early retirement. The U.S. military is at risk. The USS Theodore Roosevelt has over 100 sailors who tested positive and is alongside in Guam.

I pray that all soldiers, sailors and aviators will remain safe.  To our pilots, air stewards, and military service members around the world: you are precious to society.  Hang in there.  Stay healthy because after we get past this virus ordeal, we will travel again.  We will always need our brave men and women in uniform to defend us at all times and in all places. 

In the UK, Prime Minister Boris Johnson and Prince Charles, and some well-known icons have tested positive. The wife of Canada’s P.M. Sophie Trudeau also test positive. If they can get it, so can any one of us regular folk. We need to remain vigilant. 

Young people, you all stay safe.  No one is invincible. We need young people more than anyone to stay safe.  Although you might be asymptomatic and have fewer symptoms, when you stay safe, our grandmothers and grandfathers will be safe too.

Some stores and businesses in Canada will be laying off half or even all of their staff. Some say that stores might be permanently affected and never reopen their door. I don’t want to believe that.  Entrepreneurs, you are the backbone of our communities.  You take the risks of opening stores to sell us your products and services.  Without entrepreneurs and small businesses, our nation would not be what it is.  We support you owners of small-businesses. 

See this sign?  It says, “Temporary.”  Temporary means temporary.  I have never seen so much fear around contracting a virus that we have to be holed up in our homes. Yes, what’s happening now and in the near future will be very difficult. It’s almost beyond our human control.  It might be devastating for us fiscally, economically, socially, perhaps even politically and environmentally but not if we can help it.  We all need to believe in each other.  We can make it past the hard road ahead. 

We don’t know how long this will last but hang in there.  Our people will come back into your shops, restaurants and cafes, small and big.  We need our entrepreneurs.

Some of our schools and colleges are considering being called off for the rest of the year. You might be a parent wondering when or if your kids can return to school. Parents and students, this is not forever.  Though you might have classes online, you will return back to class and see your awesome classmates again.  Learning is still learning, whether it’s online or in class.

Yes, it might feel almost like something from post-apocalyptic movies. There is something in the air that is post-Armageddon about this whole thing. But it could be worst.  We must not lose hope.  Despite what some might say, I don’t believe that this will be the new normal.  This is only temporary.

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