True cost of Covid-19 for the CCP

At least one class action lawsuit against the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) government has come forward. One U.S. law firm has led the charge to sue China for six trillion dollars (here). The CCP government is legally negligent and guilty of cover ups and lies that have caused this human, social and economic disaster around the world. Criticism has been mounting fast. The CCP has lost all credibility in the eyes of the western world and the entire world. There will be a huge loss for China. The real loss is not only economic. What’s worse is a loss of trust by people and nations around the world. The true loss due to Covid-19 will be immeasurable.

Can we put a figure to the loss in this worldwide pandemic? I think we all know the true financial cost will be impossible to determine. Individuals, families, businesses, and governments cannot even begin to count the cost. It will be interesting to see what comes out of this.

Burying the truth and face-saving measure in Chinese culture is incompatible with the western world. After Covid-19 subsides, the anger and fury of people and families who lost family members due to the CCP’s negligence and deception will rise like a tidal wave. We have not even begun to count the loss by businesses. Many smaller businesses will never start up again.

In my opinion, the only way out of this impossible trap will be true confession. The CCP government needs to come clean and confess. A possibility? Unlikely in my personal opinion. Chinese culture is shame-based and it’s a face-saving culture. Shame will be too powerful for the CCP government to overcome in their human strength. It would take the power of God to change them. The Chinese government will need to disclose everything if there can be any forgiveness by people, institutions and governments. May God help them.

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