Coronavirus Pandemic


The coronavirus or COVID-19 has now been classified as a pandemic. On whom do we pin the responsibility for this coronavirus pandemic? This is just theory but one theory I’ve heard points to laboratories in China for creating a biological weapon. read article here (

Why do it? To control the masses by quenching pro-democratic uprisings in Hong Kong? If so, it would be a wreckless disregard for the sake of holding onto power. If this virus was the creation of humankind, then the responsibility rests squarely on humans who created this weapon.

Another theory I’ve heard is the viral transmission from animals to humans beginning in wet markets. South America and Africa have had wet markets for centuries. So why pin it on Wuhan’s wet market now? Is Wuhan’s wet market any different from the others in the world?

Leviticus categorizes some animals as clean and unclean. Unclean animals should not be eaten by humans (e.g., monkeys, camels, eel, etc.). It taught the ancient Israelites to refrain from eating unclean animals because doing so would transmit diseases. They knew something about healthy practices that we don’t know today. The dietary teachings of the Old Testament / Hebrew bible has some merit but most of us ignore it and relegate it to the dust bin.

I’m sure there are other theories that I have not yet heard. For most ordinary people do not know why and how the coronavirus came about. We just theorize. Humankind is responsible for our own sicknesses. We “play God” by experimenting with the human genome/DNA. We take risks designing artificial intelligence and robotic machines. We build chemical-germ-biological weapons. But if we are not ethical in what we do, our future does not look good.

We have the responsibility to approach science with a sober conscience and take ethics and morality seriously. If we do, we can make the world a better and safer place to live. If we don’t, our world will not hold a good future. May we be ethical in all that we do.

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