Hearing God’s voice

In John 12:27-36, after Jesus answered the heavenly Father, the LORD spoke audibly to Jesus’ disciples with a voice that thundered. Then Jesus informed them saying, “…This voice was for your benefit, not mine.”

When God speaks to human beings, it’s for our benefit.  We might mistakenly think this is God speaking to glorify God but it’s really for our benefits.  God does not need glory.  He is already glorious. Rather, we are the one’s who need to hear God’s voice. We need to be built-up and strengthened in our faith in the Lord.  Without revelation from God, our faith will wane.

A prayer: “Speak Lord, for your servant is listening.  Your people, your church, needs to hear from you daily.  I need to know that you are with me, loving me, and guiding me.”


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