Mainstream media’s dishonesty in reporting

Sen. Chuck Schumer (Dem.) meeting with Russian President Putin

The public has been duped by a morally bankrupt and corrupt mainstream media.  The recent lies and coverups by the media is harmful for a nation and its people.  Ultimately, the entire nation will suffer.  I hope justice will be done.

The elite globalists own a large part of the media and it is very reasonable to say that there is a blatant bias and unfairness in the networks. Let’s face it, there is a huge temptation for the media to keep some of the facts from the public because it works in their favor to manipulate public opinion.  The elite’s agenda of globalism is real but it is hidden in the open. A sovereign and free people, with a free press, will grow increasingly tired of the propaganda media (e.g., CNN, CNBC, New York Times, Washington Post).

We all have a responsibility to seek and speak the truth in all places at all times–the church, government, the courts, the media, and schools. It’s a responsibility and duty of a free press.  A free press is truly free when it reports responsibly–when it seeks the truth–when it considers all the perspectives from all angles based on truths and facts.  But when it intentionally omits the opposition’s legitimate opinions, perspectives, and important information in order to delegitimize the opposition and hide the truth, it is doing a huge disservice to the public.

The media is quickly losing any credibility it may still have.  Is is now losing the public’s trust in their own ability to tell the truth because it has become a propaganda media. Public trust in the media is at an all-time low (as low as their trust in politicians).

Why?  Here are some examples of the mainstream media’s fake news stories:

1/  The media has been trying to spin the story of  Trump cabinet picks meeting with Russian officials as a criminal act. High-ranking Democrats like Sen. Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi have also talked with Russian officials before the election (see pics). And they have been the most outspoken critics of Trump.  Their accusations of Republicans colluding with the Russians is merely a low-ball campaign to smear President Trump.  These Democrats are hypocrites.

The truth is, meeting with Russian officials is not a criminal offense.  But Democrats are making false accusations as a subversive tactic to demoralize the public’s trust in Trump’s cabinet picks.  What is more outrageous is that Hillary Clinton is guilty of taking money from China and funneling it into the Clinton Foundation.  Considering China is an even bigger threat to the U.S. than Russia is, why is the the media not reporting on Clinton’s criminal act?!  It’s a convenient negligent omission of facts.  This needs to be investigated.

2/  Spying (wire-tapping) by Democrat executives, pro-Obama/Clinton intelligence community.  This is a blatant abuse of power that the media is choosing not to investigate.   This is the biggest scandal since Watergate but they have intentionally ignore the deceit and corruption of their friends in office.  The liberal media has dug themselves into a bigger hole.

3/  Pro-Obama Democrats had intelligence briefings and knowledge of spying (wire-tapping) in order to undermine President-elect Trump’s cabinet nominations (Jeff Sessions, Flynn, etc.

Rep. Nancy Pelosi (Dem.) meet with Russians.

Why are pro-Democrat intelligence not investigating Hillary Clinton’s emails? And why is the liberal mainstream media not investigating?  If these violations had been committed against the Democrats, Obama, and Hillary Clinton, they would be up-in-arms.  The people are seeking justice.

3 thoughts on “Mainstream media’s dishonesty in reporting

  1. Donna, I would also say that going direct to a press conference (YouTube) to hear it from the person directly is better. It turned me onto Trump when I heard him speak (w/o hearing CNN’s interpretation and distortion). I discovered that he is a real leader, unlike how the media portrays him.


  2. This is why I don’t listen to news. A little inflection or pause here, an accent there and it can change the entire meaning of the statement. And yes, it really rubs me wrong when only half the story, or a distorted story is presented as fact.


    1. Yes, I hear you. Intentionally distorting a story drives me up the wall. I stopped listening to news for a while because I was just getting very frustrated at the absolute dishonesty.


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