First Lady prays the Lord’s Prayer at Trump Rally

It was great to see First Lady, Melania Trump, pray the Lord’s Prayer at this Saturday’s huge rally in Melbourne, Florida. Good to see. Jesus said we ought to be salt and light and not let the light be hidden under a bushel basket.  May the light of Christ, and his good news, shine brightly and overcome darkness. [forward to 37min]

2 thoughts on “First Lady prays the Lord’s Prayer at Trump Rally

  1. Melania is probably not even baptized. Her father was an atheist Communist apparatchik when she was born, and shocked and alienated his Catholic in-laws by refusing to baptize little Melania.

    Some have claimed that the reason she had to read the Lord’s Prayer from notes was she learned it in Slovenian and needed help with the English version.

    There is no chance that she learned the Our Father from her Catholic grandparents, though — the version she recited included the doxology “for thine is the kingdom and the power and the glory for ever and ever,” which is not said by Catholics.

    So, she would have had to learn the Lord’s Prayer in her attendance at Trump’s Presbyterian church — well, he’s said he’s “Presbyterian” but he isn’t a member of any actual congregation that we know of. But still, if she’d learned it in English as part of her religious instruction leading up to, say, adult baptism and confirmation, she would have learned it in English — not just the words, but what the words mean.

    But she did not even know the words. From this we can conclude that she has not received religious instruction for adult baptism: neither in her grandparents’ Catholic faith back in Slovenia, nor in the Presbyterian church religious instruction required for adult baptism.

    Unless she joined a protestant denomination in some other phase of her life — while living and working as a model in Italy perhaps? unlikely — she is not even baptized. I don’t know what the current theology is, but I was taught as a child that for the unbaptized to recite prayers — while out of Grace — is essentially blasphemy.


    1. Communism in Eastern Europe destroyed a lot of Christian culture but thank God it can be reversed. Well, whatever religious instruction Melania may have or not received, at least she had the courage to pray in public. I heard somewhere that young Trump attended a church that Rev. Norman Vincent Peale pastored, which isn’t very orthodox in theology. He’d be better off in a Presbyterian church if he is actually a Presbyterian.


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