Post-November 2016 Presidential-Election

2016-election-logoI have been observing the reaction of liberals during the post U.S. presidential election. It has been very disappointing to see their immature reaction to Donald Trump’s victory. I hate to use the terms “immature” and “sore losers” but the physical, social and mental behaviour from the left seem very fitting of such a description.  Charges of racism, bigotry, sexism do not help and only detracts from civility.  The left has ignored real pressing issues that matter, e.g., radical Islam, terrorism, loss of jobs, the economy, health care, etc.  Donald Trump recognized the void in addressing the issues that matter to populist America.  But Clinton and the Democrats decided to hide their heads in the sand, and play it safe and avoid being labelled racist, bigot, or Islamaphobe.  I know what I am saying will not be popular with some millennials, liberals, socialists, but I do think I stand in the middle of the road when it comes to politics; therefore, I feel what I am about to say is fair.

Would I like to see a woman president or another racial minority as President or Prime Minister? Yes I would. I would also be the first to agree that women and racial minorities are as capable and effective in handling the highest political office in the land. However, it must be the right man or woman for the job. For now, it is Donald Trump’s time and place to be President of the United States of America. Why does the left fret, worry and cry? Won’t there also be a time and place for another Democratic president to lead the country? There will be many future opportunities for presidential leaders from both political stripes to take turns leading the country.

In November 2016, Donald Trump won the election fair and square.  Whether you agree with him or not, Trump hurled many insults but he has survived many insults and unfair treatment by people on the left and right, the media, and the elitist crowd. This time around, the majority of Americans have voted for the person they want to lead the country because they felt the country needed to take a turn in a different direction. All people have the freedom and right to their own opinions and expression of it, as long as it is legal and constitutional. The American people have expressed their opinion and their feeling that the current direction it was going in under Obama had to change.

The loss of Clinton and the Democrats is not just about low-ball insults made by Trump because Hillary Clinton also needs to accept her responsibilities for her dishonesty in accepting illegal donations made to the Clinton Foundation, her use of the illegal email server, and other things that were not above board. Time will tell if she will be charged for the illegal acts she has committed. I have not heard Democrats accept her actions as a real possible consequences and responsibilities. This silence from the left is deplorable. All political leaders should be held accountable for their actions.

As parents, we expect our children to play fair. As adults, we must ask ourselves if we are we truly playing fair when it comes to political elections and accepting the results. The liberal elite (including university professors, and organizational leaders) has been immature when it comes to this. It should be simple to understand that both conservatives and liberals will have their chance to lead and influence the country, state, province, or city in the direction the majority has decided. These are the rules of representative democracy and we have learned to live with these rules for hundreds of years to come. It has given us liberal and conservative presidents, governors, premiers, and prime ministers around the world; and yet, the world has not fallen apart. Politics have a way of correcting itself through the balance of power and representative democracy. Countries around the world could only wish they had what we have today in the West.

When conservatives and Republicans win the popular vote, the right did not riot on the streets or behave in the manner that the left has been showing in public.  The thing that is bothering me at this moment (four days after election day) is that Clinton and Obama are not anywhere to be seen and heard. Shouldn’t they be speaking out to discourage and quiet-down the riots on the streets?  Their silence speaks to me where they are on this issue of civil peace and good order. We all agree that everyone has the right to speak publicly about how they feel, but currently the left is not showing class when it comes to openness and acceptance of a democratic vote that was decided by the majority. What I find counter-productive are some of the signs that say: “Trump is not my president”. I don’t think people who voted Republican when Barack Obama won said such harsh things like this. Conservatives gave Obama a chance to prove his leadership. For the next four years, it will be the Republican’s turn to govern.

One thought on “Post-November 2016 Presidential-Election

  1. “Would I like to see a woman president or another racial minority as President or Prime Minister? Yes I would. I would also be the first to agree that women and racial minorities are as capable and effective in handling the highest political office in the land.”

    I agree, I feel that we in the US are ready for a female president, but what kind of person that female is really makes a difference. I would not vote for a female ‘just because of the gender’. Someone in the vein of Condoleeza Rice would be of interest for presidency. But as it stands, the choices in this election were slim. I tried to choose the one I thought would be the least person to ‘get on the bandwagon’ and the ‘most likely’ to think for their self, while at the same time considering the majority wants, not what they want. It was not easy and not satisfying. But it is done.


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