Devotional: Property of Jesus – John 17:6-19

propertyJesusHave you seen those varsity university T-shirts that says, e.g., “Property of USC”… “Property of name of [your university/college]”. It means I’m a student here at this college/university. I’m on their team, and I’m proud of it. It also means, “I belong here.” It makes a statement. Or when young people are dating, sometimes the girl will wear the jacket or piece of clothing that belongs to the young man. Maybe some of you remember those days?

People want to belong. As human beings, we all have a desire to belong somewhere, maybe an organization, and to belong to someone…someone we love. When we know we belong, there is comfort in that. We were designed and created to belong to God. God didn’t make us, then just drop us on earth and left us alone to fend for ourselves. God is not like that. God wants us to know that we belong to Him, and knowing we belong to God allows us to know that we are God’s children forever.  If we are in Christ Jesus, we belong to God. We are the property of God.  We are made one with Jesus, and God the Father and are united in him, through the Holy Spirit. In John 17:6 told his followers that “they were yours and you gave them to me.” This means that Father God gave us to Jesus. And in John 17:10, Jesus says it again in another way: “All mine are yours, and all yours are mine.”

When we belong to God, it is something special associated with belonging to God.  This implies that we are under his care. We are protected by God.  In v. 12, Jesus prayed to the heavenly Father, “I protected them in your name that you have given me.”  When we are under God’s protection, we cannot be shaken.  In Jesus’ prayer, he was praying that God would protect us from the evil in the world.  Jesus cares for our complete well-being that he prays that they may have the same joy that Jesus had (17:14), that is, joy even in the midst of our hardship and suffering. This is the heart of God our Father.  God cares for us beyond what we can understand.  Just as a father or mother cares for the complete well-being of their children, God our Father also cares for us.  Jesus cares for us.

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