What NOT to say to the preacher

simpsons-in-church-sleepingI caught this from Thom S. Rainer’s blog and found it almost hilarious, but true.  These ten things can deflate a minister, especially after what the the preacher felt was a Spirit-inspired message.  It’s funny how some people see it as their job to put the pastor in their place, or they’re just totally insensitive.

Which one of these have we said, or thought silently to ourselves, on a Sunday morning?

  1. “I am going to be late for lunch because you preached so long.”
  2. “You must not have had much time to prepare that sermon.”
  3. “My former pastor preached a much better sermon from that text.”
  4. “I wish {fill in the blank} would have heard that sermon.”
  5. “You act like you weren’t feeling well while you preached.”
  6. “I’m sorry I fell asleep while you were preaching. Your voice just puts me to sleep.”
  7. “Your subject/verb agreement was incorrect three times in your sermon.”
  8. “I wish you wouldn’t preach from the Old Testament.”
  9. “Let me tell you what you missed in your sermon.”
  10. “Are we ever going to be done with this sermon series?”

Thom Rainer always has serious stuff to say about pastoral or church issues, but this one was just too good to pass up because we can all relate to it (in a wierd way).

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