Physical exercise vs spiritual exercise?

As ministers, missionaries, etc. who serve in church and Christian organizations we do work that’s supposed to be good for the mind and spirit…you know, stuff like reading the Bible, biblical commentaries, exegesis, sermon preparation, counselling, and other church-related work, etc.  The work we do is related to spiritual health, but doing this to the exclusion of physical exercise is counter-productive.

As ministers and spiritual leaders, I think it is easy for us to make excuses because we rationalize that spiritual exercise is better than physical exercise.  Out of convenience, we take 1 Timothy 4:7-9 out of context.  Fact is, many of us are overweight.  A better rationale is: physical exercise can extend the length and effectiveness of  ministry.

An interesting website/blog I ran into at Faith and Health Connection is directed toward pastors like me who rationalize spiritual health over physical health. (above image is their Model of Faith and Health).

Here’s a video gone viral that made me think about my health. Maybe it will for you too.

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