A feminized Trinity–a heresy?

Trinity logo FINAL COLWhen we think of the Trinity, most people feel it’s “blah…boring” or useless.  I recently was surprised by how interesting and useful this topic can be.  It was debated in the first four centuries over what’s true and what’s false. These debates over heresies have come up again in the twentieth-century taking new forms. Trinitarian expert, T.F. Torrance, says there are no new heresies, just old heresies dressed up in new clothes.

Elizabeth Johnson, a feminist theologian, has attempted to totally and utterly reconstruct a femininized Trinity.  She came up with this formula: Spirit-Sophia, Jesus-Sophia, and Mother-Sophia.  In  her understanding, God cannot be understood by finite minds, therefore, a person must use analogy in order to bridge human unknowingness and the mystery of God.  She states, “The only building blocks near to hand are creaturely experiences, relationships, qualities, names, and functions.” (She Who Is, 1992). In other words, it’s okay to use our human thoughts to reconstruct “God” according to our own image, experience, or understanding.

I do not want to discredit human experience but I respectfully disagree.  Without a proper revelation and God’s speech, no human being would be able to see the likeness of the Triune God, let alone, to speak of him. Human experience must have its source from God’s revelation. Personally, I haven’t experienced God as a female. Furthermore, I am not God and God is not like me. Far from it.

4 thoughts on “A feminized Trinity–a heresy?

  1. “holding his beloved close to his chest.” I do that with my wife and daughter too. But men generally don’t do that with other men. So “holding” could be a more feminine thing to do. If any person could be associated with more femininity, it would have to be the Holy Spirit. But it’s been said that the Holy Spirit is neither male nor female.


  2. in God’s fullness,God can have more qualities than we think.Sometimes, we as human beings attribute our own human qualities to God. Makes me wonder if that is how we ended up attributing some feminine qualities to God too.
    The Shack was a good book. It was more trinitarian than what appears on the surface.


    1. Female attribute thinking could come from the fact that at first God made man in his image with all the qualities of both male and female. It follows that God must have some female qualities. El Shaddai-strength, might, the breastly one. Which could mean holding His beloved close to his chest [breast] but is also associated in human minds as femininity.


  3. God made man in His image. Therefore female is a part of His image. I personally do not believe the trinity is female but I will concede that the Holy Spirit could have female qualities. The best book I have found to expound this is ‘The Shack’ by William P. Young


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