Total devotion–in the monastery and the workplace

stpetersCan we be totally devoted Christians without hiding away in monastery or convent?  How do we do it in the marketplace without being beaten down for our faith?

Under Emperor Constantine in the Roman Empire, by imperial decree, everyone was baptized as an infant and understood to be a Christian.  To become a Christian was difficult because everyone else was already considered a Christian. The difference between the Christian and the “Christian life” became blurred.  Rather than help the Church, this may have hurt it.

There were Christians then who wanted to become seriously devoted Christians and made a personal decisions to give up everything to follow and serve God.  To pursue a higher calling then meant becoming a monk or a nun and renouncing materialism and marriage.  torontodowntownMonasticism grew.  People even made vows to the evangelical counsel of poverty, chastity and obedience.  In effect, this raised the bar higher. There was now more things to differentiate mainstream cultural Christians from those who sacrificed everything and committed their whole life to serve God.

In the Protestant and evangelical world, we don’t have monasticism.  So how can we express our devotion to the Lord Jesus without hiding away in a monastery?  Can we boldly bring our Christian faith into the workplace without sacrificing our total devotion to God?  It’s not easy, but I think it can be done.

2 thoughts on “Total devotion–in the monastery and the workplace

  1. Thanks. Great questions you’ve asked in response. Hopefully others can add/respond to this too. In practical aspects in living out our faith on the job, in work, rest and play. e.g., bringing our faith to other parents on the soccer field with other moms and dads. Into the classroom (although this is difficult these days). To our our colleagues at work, in the lunch room, after work over coffee.

    Sometimes we Christians do hide away in our Christian ghetto-clubs. Sad thing is that we don’t even know it has become a ghetto or club. It feels too comfortable for us to even take notice of ourselves.


  2. Kevin
    You left out the important part: how do you think it can be done? What is your opinion on applying the devoted Christian life to every day life?

    Constantine apparently misunderstood of what it means to be a follower of Christ and therefore made it a national [government] religion. I would venture to say that he did not have a true, life changing experience with Christ.

    Perhaps those monks and nuns wanted to get away from religion and enter into a lifestyle of serving Christ-at least at first-until it became the popular escape from the world. Do you think people today also do this in their own way?


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