Is the New Testament reliable?

Is the New and Old Testament reliable?  This is a question that some Christians is challenged with but are not sure how to respond because we don’t have the tools for a defense of the bible and theological apologetics.  To begin, here are some links to debates between Craig Evans (Acadia) and Bart Ehrman (UNC). They are just some of many New Testament scholars who can debate this issue critically.

Criag Evans vs Bart Ehrman  debate (Jan. 19, 2012) (Night 1; Night 2); (and an earlier debate from 2011) (here). (More may be added later).

2 thoughts on “Is the New Testament reliable?

  1. I just listened to the first link-Interesting. I think that if we believe that the bible is inspired by the Spirit of God, then we can safely say that Jesus did say what the writers say, through inspiration, He said. Perhaps not in the exact words, but the essence of the lesson, encouragement, chastisement, or whatever is going on in both the individual quote and the full passage context.


    1. Donna, yes you’re right about inspiration not necessarily being exact words of jesus. Does it really have to be anyway? Not really. I think some of us Christians are stuck on infallibility or inerrancy of jesus’ words, as are people like bart ehrman who got himself trapped and still can’t get out of it. Sad because now he’s become a non-Christian.


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