Romney’s grounded stance vs Obama’s fluffy “feel good” stance

It will be interesting to see how the dust settles after all the political handshakes, kisses, and venomous rhetoric simmers down after Tuesday, November 6, 2012.  This has been one contentious campaign in U.S. politics but much is at stake.

Conservatives fear the continuation of another four years of a bad economy and high unemployment.  Liberals fear a reversion of ObamaCare and a rollback of Obama’s influence on the pro-gay agenda.

The big thing in this election is the economy.  Funny the Obama campaign did not deal with the economy very well in their campaign ads.   Check out the Obama and Romney campaign ads (links to their  YouTube channels are below).  Obama seems to be pure “feel good” ads but wasn’t it always this way?  Now that the President is the incumbent, he is in the position to give the people a record of his achievements.  Does he do this?  Judge for yourself.  I don’t think so.

Romney’s campaign ads tend to be grounded in the economy.  Pure and simple—it’s about the jobs.  Romney is now in the same position Obama was back in 2008. That is, he can talk up a good speech without having any evidence to back up his promises (except their prior successes in government/business).  But that’s the privilege in being the non-incumbent.  Let’s see if Romney can back up his words better than Obama if he becomes the next President of the United States.  In my personal opinion, I think Romney has a very good chance to win this election.

Romney on YouTube:

Obama on YouTube:

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