End of the world on December 21, 2012

If you’ve been listening to all the predictions about the end of the world on December 21, 2012, the people you have to really pay attention to are the ones who have some scientific credibility and evidence. If it doesn’t end on this day, then could it be just another start of a new beginning in our world?  That is, what will the world begin to look like in 2013?

Here’s some with their thoughts. A humorous opinion, and a few serious ones. What are yours?

Link to CBC’s David Suzuki’s documentary Nature of Things.

See you in 2013.

Is Gen. Petraeus affair a coverup of Benghazi coverup?


News  (NBC post-election) (FOX) (CNBC pre-election) and more, about General Petraeus’ affair and resignation is coming out now. Why now? The perfect timing of this story is sounding very strange and does not add up. It is strange that the story brewing in the media right now is about Petraeus and not Benghazzi. What does an affair have to do with getting information about Benghazzi to the Obama Administration?! Most affairs, especially those involving non-political figures, stay underground. This is an ordinary affair. There’s no Security breach. Gen. Petraeus has been in more trouble than this so why is this affair such a big deal in the media today? He has a reputation as a great leader, and a bright man. Whether he had an affair is one story, but there’s a bigger story at stake–Benghazi cover up. Reasons for this fishy story’s existence raises more questions.

Is this affair just a tactic to distract the real news about the Benghazi cover up? Are the Democrats attempting to cover up their cover up, in order to protect President Obama’s chances of re-election? If the 2012 Presidential election had happened some other time, would this story about Petraeus’ affair even become a story?

Is this news just a distraction from the real news? Is it a Democratic ploy used to excuse and explain why the news about Benghazi did not reach President Obama until after Nov. 8, 2012 (2 days after the national Presidential election)?

Is Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) play-up of this story distracting from the Benghazi coverup? If so, is General Petraeus being used as a fall guy for Obama’s re-election?

Things are getting very fishy. The “balloon” is getting bigger.  When it really blows up, could this blow up and become, what some might call, Benghazi-gate?

President Obama gets another chance for 2nd term

Congratulations to President Barack Obama. He gave a great victory speech because he exuded hopefulness and he embraced inclusivity. Amongst many great lines, my favorite line was: “…together we rise and fall as one nation, and as one people”. Obama truly understands that the greatness of a nation is the sum of its people, not just one cross-section of America. I am proud of President Obama for this understanding. (From listening to some Republican candidates, many still to need to grasp this principal of nation-building and come to the realization that the nation has changed).

Obama is humble because he knows where he came from. I can relate to humble beginnings because I am child of immigrant parents to Canada. I may not agree with some of Obama’s social policies, but I, like many, are not absolutely conservative on all social issues either, and I do agree with some of his policies too.

Obama is also a man who loves God and nation–necessities of a good national leader. I do not relate with the rhetoric of my fellow conservatives who falsely accuse Obama of being a Muslim, unAmerican, and a socialist (neither do I understand it when liberals falsely accuse Romney of some things too). Come on, let’s get real here. That’s just pure ignorant hogwash and gives us a bad name. Mitt Romney resonates with many Americans. The economy and jobs were big issues for many Americans. Whether liberals like it or not, Romney also would have made a good president. I am confident that Romney also would have done a great job if he was elected. (If I were an American, I might consider myself an Independent; but I’m very proud to be Canadian, proud of my great country, and of my Prime Minister).

In 2012, the economy was the most important issue for all Americans. And yes, the national debt is still ballooning, and unemployment is still very high. However, this election did not seem to turn only on the state of the economy. Rather, it likely also turned on social issues. Like it or not, people blame the poor economy on George W. Bush, not Obama.

Americans voted with their hearts. Despite the jobless numbers, there are many who still like Obama. They may not like the current state of the economy, but they do like what he stands for. Obama knows how to embrace all people and understands their challenges. I did not hear this in the rhetoric of Gov. Mitt Romney. Romney focused solely on the economy and jobs in his campaign. Perhaps this was his campaign’s mistake. Did Romney speak out enough on abortion and other issues conservatives are concerned about?

The majority of Americans wanted to give Obama another chance, even though the economy isn’t so great. In my opinion, people did not vote purely for economic change, but also for social change. Social issues was a big factor, especially on gender equality issues and health care. There was an 18% margin in the women’s vote. The House now has a record number of women (all Democratic). ObamaCare, as divisive as it has been, will give new health care to millions more people who never had it before. This will be a good thing for the future of the nation, but it will cost a lot of money. Better health care for all people has now become a part of nation-building, and the majority of the American people have agreed to this. Kudos to my American friends.

Coverup of Libya by Obama Administration

The facts have now been released (see news here, here, and here).  The Obama Administration knew all along that the violence in the Middle East was not simply an uprising caused by an anti-Islamic film. It was clearly a terrorist attack but they chose not to protect their own American service personnel and foreign Ambassador to Libya.  They allowed the liberal media to manufacture a lie and took advantage of the people’s ignorance about what was really happening in Arab nations, thereby, we have Arab Spring.  The Obama Administration, and Hillary Clinton, both knew it was a terrorist attack all along.   The American Consulate had asked for help but received no support from President Obama. This looks like a serious failure in leadership on the part of this Administration. It may be even more serious because there is the issue of a cover up.

So why did Obama not inform the public about what was really happening?  Because they knew it would hurt their chances of Obama’s re-election in November this year, if they knew Obama’s real ideology and failure to support American foreign service personnel.  Is this a cover-up?  Most definitely, “Yes”, and a very big one too.

This may hurt Obama’s campaign even in these last few days, just two days before election day.  If this news were to come out a month ago, people would not be supporting  Obama to the extent they have been.  But it looks like Mitt Romney may win anyway if the undecided voters side with challenger Mitt Romney. Why has the liberal news media been so quiet about this?  Are they trying to protect Obama?  It sure seems like it. What if this issue had surrounded a Republican president?… The liberal media would then be all over this like vultures.  But if Obama does squeek by with a victory, we might see an “Arab-Spring Gate”.

Romney’s grounded stance vs Obama’s fluffy “feel good” stance

It will be interesting to see how the dust settles after all the political handshakes, kisses, and venomous rhetoric simmers down after Tuesday, November 6, 2012.  This has been one contentious campaign in U.S. politics but much is at stake.

Conservatives fear the continuation of another four years of a bad economy and high unemployment.  Liberals fear a reversion of ObamaCare and a rollback of Obama’s influence on the pro-gay agenda.

The big thing in this election is the economy.  Funny the Obama campaign did not deal with the economy very well in their campaign ads.   Check out the Obama and Romney campaign ads (links to their  YouTube channels are below).  Obama seems to be pure “feel good” ads but wasn’t it always this way?  Now that the President is the incumbent, he is in the position to give the people a record of his achievements.  Does he do this?  Judge for yourself.  I don’t think so.

Romney’s campaign ads tend to be grounded in the economy.  Pure and simple—it’s about the jobs.  Romney is now in the same position Obama was back in 2008. That is, he can talk up a good speech without having any evidence to back up his promises (except their prior successes in government/business).  But that’s the privilege in being the non-incumbent.  Let’s see if Romney can back up his words better than Obama if he becomes the next President of the United States.  In my personal opinion, I think Romney has a very good chance to win this election.

Romney on YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/user/mittromney/

Obama on YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/user/BarackObamadotcom