The violence in Arabic countries

The recent uprising of violence on the part of extremist Muslims brings disgrace to Islam. The violence demonstrated by Muslims actually legitimizes the stereotyping of Muslims, the religion of Islam, and the prophet Muhammad as being violent and dangerous. As Christians, we denounce the violence on the part of extremist Muslims.

If the opposite events were to happen (i.e., Muslims denigrating the Christian religion through film, and Christian extremists killing Muslim ambassadors and Muslim people), I think most would equally be quick to denounce the violence.  So it’s about time to try to be fair and less biased.  Mainstream news media and even the White House has failed to recognize this and are quick to play this blame-game by blaming it on this sub B-rated movie, “Innocence of Muslims”.

Honestly, was the cause of this violence totally the fault of this movie?  Highly unlikely.  Our propensity toward violence emanates from one’s heart.  Let’s begin by looking at the heart of the perpetrators of this violence.

At the center of this whole problem is the difference in our attitudes and understandings of free speech. On the other hand, what is common to people of every religion is the value and understanding of honesty in speech or free-speech. That is, if the prophet Muhammad did actually have a history of being an adulterous philanderer, then shouldn’t the truth be told? And if the same was said of Jesus’ disciples and even by today’s Christian priests and pastors, why should the truth about them be hidden in the dark? Who has the right to hide the truth about our sinful and shameful past? Who has the right to cover up the sins of religious leaders? Who has the moral authority to coverup anyone’s sins?