Republican National Convention speeches

Category One Hurricane Isaac, and the Republican National Convention, are both on, and speakers are firing up the audience with rousing and inspiring speeches in Tampa Bay, Florida. I watched the last part of it today on TV and followed up with great post-RNC coverage on SUN TV Network in Canada.  Hey, what?  Canada’s SUN Network is covering the RNC better than U.S. networks?  What’s going on?!

I only caught the last 1½ hours of the convention but what I heard from them impressed me (particularly Ann Romney, and Gov. Chris Christie).  Okay, I admit, Obama impressed me with his inspiring speeches when he campaigned for the U.S. presidency.  But I think his time is over and he will not win a second term.  The economy is doing extremely poorly in the United States and the American people want real answers to get the economy going again and average Americans know that big government and big spending is not the answer.

I look forward to catching some of the RNC convention the next few evenings.  It’ll be interesting to see how this will change the perception of Mitt Romney and his campaign for the presidency… and I hope Hurricane Isaac doesn’t affect the convention too much.