Is there any good in the prosperity gospel?

I really like how John Piper differentiates the types of prosperity gospel preaching that is out there today. He’s not bashing it; it seems like he’s defending it. He’s a Calvinistic Baptist who believes in the continuation of the gifts of the Holy Spirit of 1 Cor.12.

Amongst the prosperity preachers, he says:

  1. there are some charlatans…
  2. then there are those who genuinely believe that God should prosper us as children of the King…
  3. and then there are the those who believe that God universally prospers and blesses us in practical ways simply because we practice God’s universal laws that inherently come as a result of doing what is good.

If I were to preach a prosperity gospel, I’d be more inclined to preach it from the third perspective.

Play and listen. Which type of prosperity gospel do you believe in (if any)?

2 thoughts on “Is there any good in the prosperity gospel?

  1. I wonder when the church is going to seriously debate the poverty gospel under which it clearly dwells instead of damning those who seek the abundance revealed in the promises of God.


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