The Post-Resurrected Jesus: raised in a physical body

It’s the first Sunday of Easter.  Doubters of the resurrection may prefer to say that Jesus was only a spirit-being (like Casper the Friendly Ghost). By refusing to believe that Jesus was not raised from death in a physical body, one may conveniently avoid having to deal with a God who intervenes in human affairs.  However, we Christians do believe in that Jesus was raised with an imperishable physical body .  The onus is not on us to prove this; the onus is on doubters to disprove this.

In the New Testament, the word used for “spirit” is pneuma; however, Paul in First Corinthians 15:44 used the words: soma pneuma (“σωμα πνευματικον”) which means “spiritual body”. This is the type of body that we, as believers in Jesus, will also be raised with.  A week after Jesus had resurrected, Scripture says he was still around for at least one week before his ascension (John 20:26). The resurrected Jesus walked around, made himself known to many people, and he showed himself in a resurrected spiritual-physical body to over 500 people. He was definitely not in hiding.  The bible is clear about the form of Jesus’ resurrected body.  The onus is on doubters to disprove that Jesus resurrected in a physical-spiritual body.

Bible passages on the post-resurrected Jesus:

John 20:19-23  Enters locked room
John 20:24-29  Doubting Thomas
John 21:1-14  Another big catch
Luke 24:13-35  Road to Emmaus
Matthew 28; Mark 16:9  Women witnesses
1 Cor. 15:6  Five hundred witnesses/followers
1 Cor. 15:8   Apostle Paul

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