A case for the resurrection of Jesus

Jesus is risen. That is why we as Christians celebrate Easter.
But for more Christians are planted seeds of doubt these days.  Science may try to ‘poke holes into the resurrected Jesus’ [ 😉 above image], but it cannot completely disprove that Jesus’ resurrection from death is impossible and unverifiable.

Is the Christian faith based on science and reliability of evidence? No, I think not.  Biblical and archeaological scholarship may be, but faith in a risen Christ  is based on faith, but not blind faith. Faith is the knowing through revelation from God’s Holy Spirit.  However, revelation and faith cannot be disproven by science either. The two are not equivalent, but yet, are inclusive of one another and not exclusive.  Biblical research does back up  the resurrection of Jesus.

There are resources for churches that give recent biblical research on the resurrection. Here’s a sample of one from Credo House called A Case for the Resurrection of Jesus by Dr. Mike Licona and Michael Patton that would be worth considering to get for your church.

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